The Best Netbooks

Netbooks have screen sizes between 10 and 11.6 inches. Default at ten-inch: 1024 x 600 pixels, one gigabyte (GB) memory (RAM), 298 GB disk space and windows 7 starter (32 bit). The larger, 11.6-inch netbooks offer because usually more: A resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, 4 GB RAM, 466 GB disk space and windows 7 home premium in part even in the 64-bit version.

Processor question: Intel or AMD?

The netbook manufacturers decide primarily between the fusion series of AMD and intel processors (CPU) of the atom series. Compared to the intel atom N570 (1.66 ghz clock frequency) supplies the AMD C-60 despite lower clock rate (one gigahertz) an equivalent pace of work. Advantage of the AMD processor: The graphic chip (GPU). He is clearly more powerful and that

showed in the test: The AMD GPU presented games with approximately three times higher pace than the intel graphics chip. That’s enough for simple racing games like trackmania. AMD offers even more: The E-450 has a clock rate of 1.66 ghz and is used in 11.6-inch netbooks. He trumped the other cpus in terms of speed, creates better GPU 2012 games such as the sims 3 and FIFA.

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AMD E450 front

The HP pavilion dm1-4000sg (QJ496EA) offers the best overall package. The dual-core processor from AMD’s fusion series and four gigabytes of memory provide above-average speed. The graphics core around 25 frames per second for netbook ratios calculated an excellent value. The equipment is worth noting: The pavilion comes with an external DVD burner and has a second operating system with HP quick web. The easiest is the samsung 305U1A A01 both work and play. Little slower: The lenovo ideapad S205 (M632EGE). In the ten-inch notebooks, the differences are smaller the best all-rounder is the asus eee PC 1011PX, at the pace of the work, the acer aspire one 521. Scores would not abandon games like trackmania, access to the asus eee PC 1015PN or toshiba NB550D-112. With around six and a half hours of battery life is the toshiba of the endurance runner among the netbooks.

Noncompetitive: Apple macbook air

Mass like a netbook inside a notebook: Macbook air is equipped with a sandy bridge processor from intel (core i5 or core i7) and four GB RAM. The working speed is very high in office work as well as for compute-intensive applications. Significantly better than other netbooks it is suitable also for games. The macbook air uses mac OS X lion, an SSD is responsible for disk space. The optics of price is noble, also: The macbook air is three to four times as expensive as conventional netbook. It is 11.6 and 13.3 inch available.

What are the benefits of netbooks?

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Dual-core processors in the netbook bring benefits?

The new processors feature two computing cores it does not much faster than the older single-core models. Smaller netbooks, the low memory slows down the equipment. Only if programs fully exploit both computing cores, the dual-cores work noticeably faster.

Should note that before buying

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A tablet PC is better than a netbook?

What type of device is better suited to you, strongly depends on the application: You use intuitively via the touchscreen tablet pcs, but the typing of texts and emails is only using the screen keyboard. In addition, netbooks have ports for external devices such as monitor, printer and camera. Tablets are ideally suited to look at photos or apps to try out.

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Netbooks can be extended?

The expansion possibilities of mini-notebooks are limited:
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