The Basics to Light Up – Double and Single Room

The couple’s bedroom should be a well thought out environment – it is there that the couple have their moments of intimacy and rest, which are essential to the happiness and health of the home and the wedding. And the lighting makes a damned difference, see?

Basically, it is necessary:  a) general lighting, which can be a ceiling with diffuse light and central b) side lamps for reading. C) If there is a closet, good lighting that does not cause shadows or heat (led). D) If there is a table or armchair for reading or makeup area, good luminaires directed to the “work” area. Actually, for the single room would be the same, but I think the double room should provide for more “cozy” climates….

A room that could be bland painted in a different way: The wall, part of the floor and side walls in this darker green made it cozy what could be a cold room! The lighting is good and practically basic: The pendants in good height for a reading and the lamp on the table serves the function of reading or doing some work on it. Only the directional spots on the ceiling run away from the basics: They do not throw light on the bed and make up for general lighting (as in the photos below, there must be others, but the photos do not allow seeing-they just would not be enough for general lighting)

But couple room with basic lighting does not do well to the wedding… rs! Let’s look at some rooms that run away from the basics, so you can see the difference (and some problems):

See how many possibilities to vary the “weather”! The lighting is nothing basic: The light from the tear on the lining illuminates the top of the wall and is not uncomfortable for those who are lying down (better still if it has dimmer). The side lamps do not take up space and the higher ones – dimmerized in the photo – allow reading. In addition, there are 2 light points on the sides of the ceiling that light the way at night.

Another beautiful and well-lit bedroom with possibilities for variation-in addition to the basics: The decorative lamps have diffused light light (there must also be dimmer), there are 2 small side lamps attached to the headboard wall, 3 hanging on the table (one Could be enough, depending on the light) and 2 double spots on the ceiling.

In this room some things that bother me: The chandelier can be beautiful, but it is not functional as lateral lighting, because the light spreads and disturbs the companion. And notice that the spots above the bed illuminate the area of ​​the pillows, so the face of those who are lying down! There are many other points of light, which must be dimmerized and with Led lamps.

A detail that may be inconvenient for those who like to read in bed: This lamp is low and its dome is not translucent, then throw light down and up, at an angle so closed that the light does not almost reach the bed. Conclusion: It’s hard to read…(at least at my age, kkkk!)

In this room the lighting is basic and functional: Central light and side lamps. The only other effect is the illuminated tear , but it makes all the difference, does not it?

Sometimes a thousand choices beyond the basics can create problems: Although beautiful, the crystal pendants, even more in front of a mirror, are-in my opinion-quite uncomfortable due to the reflections. And there are two more problems in this room: a) The spots above the headboard-One is off and the others are lighting differently, which makes it look nothing beautiful… b) The lighting coming from the recess directly reaches the air conditioning, Which turned into a “focal point” in the room…Thus, the “climate” is impaired

And now some single rooms:

Basic lighting that only has more of the washers next to the tv. Of course, they can only be used when the TV is not turned on. The hinged luminaire is versatile, but a lamp could also be used. The central plafon with milky diffuser is always the best option: The light is softer and produces no shadows.

Basic of the basic. But I feel like putting more lights in this room, even though I’m single, right?In addition to a little flap in the back wall and a curtain to the floor, a floor lamp, a led tape above the panel…anyway… The room would have more interest, would you agree?