The Basic Equipment for the Baby

At the latest in the last pregnancy weeks – if the rattle stork is on the doorstep – it is high time, to obtain the basic equipment for the baby. And then at the latest is almost every pair that is at a loss before the huge selection of baby items for the first time, parents and wonder what all you really need for the initial equipment of the baby.

With the following list articles you are well equipped for the happy event and can the big day a relaxed face.


-6 body, size 56 or 62
-6 romper suit, size 56 or 62
-4 long sleeve shirts, size 56 or 62
-3 pair socks and shoes (see Psyknowhow)
-3 pyjamas, size 56 or 62

For outdoor:

-CAP (Cottonwhool, can be considered a wool hat in the winter)
-Jacket size 62/68.
-Gloves for the winter lined zips baby jumpsuit in winter

For maintenance:

-Baby bath or bath bucket
-Bath thermometer
-2 Hooded towels
-Scissors (specially for babies with rounded tips)
-Wash Bowl

-sterile compresses (for navel)
-Navel bandage

-Changing mats
-mild wet wipes
-dry cloths
-a good, E.g. herbal baby oil
-mild baby care products for face and body
-Wound protection cream
-mild baby bath


Children’s room:

-Changing table
-Changing mat, padded
-Diaper pail
-Cradle, bassinet or cot
-Mattress, medium firm
-2 waterproof but breathable materials
-2 sheets
-2 baby sleeping bag
-Gauze diapers as a head support.
Pillows are not necessary, even life-threatening. A folded
Diaper can, however, easily changed, if her baby has spit.


-Sterilizer or pan to boil out of the rings, bottles and teats
-Bottle warmer
-about 4 bottles
-Milk cleaner
-Tea cleaner
-Bottle brush
-Gauze diapers or cotton towels
-Nursing pillow or two fixed cushions
(to relieve the arms when breastfeeding or bottle type)

For on the go:

-Zips or baby jumpsuit in winter
-Baby car seat
-Diaper bag or backpack
-Sling or-Sack
To save money, you can buy second hand some things on this list. Or ask friends with older children, if you can borrow something there. Often, there are also gifts for the birth which can complete the basic equipment. Buy not too much so at the beginning and keep in mind that babies grow very fast at the beginning and the first sizes fit only a few weeks. And now have fun while shopping!