The Artificial Induction of Labour

There are several reasons to initiate the birth artificially: exceeding the calculated birth date, medical reasons or personal reasons of the parents… Why is the birth of artificially introduced? The most important medical factor for an artificially derived birth is exceeding the calculated birth date. Theoretically, the pregnancy lasts 39 weeks from the 1st day of the last menstrual period.

This period may be extended generally to 2 weeks, because not all months matter long
are and the conception date is not always exact. The birth should be therefore no later than in the 41st week of pregnancy. Then the placenta no longer meets its entire functions and the baby could suffer: oxygen deficiency, heart problems…

The mother and the children are now more controlled. If everything is in order, can wait a little before the contractions are artificially set in motion. Usually the birth in this case is initiated however immediately, to avoid any risk. Even the doctors are however divided on this point.

There are also other factors in deciding the birth introduction
can play a role: personal reasons (professional obligations), the Organization of maternity hospital, the mother wishing to release has nursing bras maintained during pregnancy with the obstetricians and Gynecologists

How does the labor induction?
There are two different techniques to raise the labour or the birth process:

An oxytocin infusion: The hormone triggers labor and sets the birth in motion. In addition to the infusion, an epidural anesthesia is carried out,
because the artificial contractions are usually more painful than the spontaneous contractions of the uterus.

By the administration of the hormone prostaglandin (called gel, vaginal suppositories or infusion):
The birthing process is relatively quickly, once was the injection administered or imported the substance by gel or suppository into the vagina. The birth runs significantly faster than under normal circumstances. The amniotic sac is opened by the doctor or midwife (Amniotomie).

The benefits
An artificially derived birth, it is possible to control the entire childbirth from beginning to end. This is very reassuring for the mother, because it fully takes care of them: must not look at the clock, to control the time intervals between labor, not 2 days can feel the contractions of the uterus, and does not lose the amniotic fluid at an inappropriate moment!

Some women ask their doctor for these reasons even so, artificially initiate the birth. Another advantage: The doctor can react quickly due to the intense medical scrutiny in case of complications.

The disadvantages
It may happen that the cervix opens not sufficient enough.
In this case, you must perform a caesarean section. When the birth for personal reasons is initiated arises the question whether such intervention from a medical perspective is defensible, because actually the birth is a natural process…

Perhaps one should be ready also simply to check everything: from the conception to the birth…