The 8 Month of Pregnancy

You’ve almost made it! In the last few weeks, your baby slowly preparing for the D-day. Still happens so much in your belly.

Your baby’s development
The baby grows and places to finally even once strong emphasis. It preparing final, to leave the womb. The limbs are just a little longer and the bones harden further. By now, your little roommate takes its final birth location. Maybe you feel first lowering labor. Although your baby has no more space, the situation may change until the beginning of the 9th month.

The fetus continuously swallows amniotic fluid, and thus promotes maturation of the digestive system. The lungs are preparing on the first breath. Your baby is 43 cm long and weighs an average of 2200 g. It reacts very strongly on its environment, touch and sound. As the uterus has become very tight, the fetus moves still little, for it but all the more fierce. You treasure a strong kick you offset so off and on.

The condition of the mother
In 8 months, the maternity leave begins finally for many mothers. You have more time to prepare for the arrival of a new family member at home. However, you must to spare in the last weeks before childbirth and often take a small break. Due to the increasing weight and the heavy legs, movement is always busy. Beware that you will lose the balance, because through the big baby bump the focus of your body has shifted forward, what you certainly feel at the back. In this phase, forward most mothers impatiently on it the first time in the arms to hold her baby and are afraid of giving birth at the same time. Use the time before delivery, to speak with your doctor or your midwife about fears and questions. You make the final preparations at home, your hospital bag is finished and you are ready to go at any time to go to the hospital. Also, consider who could drive you to the hospital if your partner prevents or is unreachable. A babysitter must be organized for older siblings.

The investigations in the 8th month
7 cancer screening takes place mostly in the last two weeks of the 8th month of pregnancy. At this appointment, the doctor checks whether the cervix is still closed and what has taken the child in the womb. In case of doubt the basin measured, is to determine whether the Beckenein – output for a natural birth is large enough or whether possibly a caesarean section must be scheduled.

The third and final screening will take place in the 29th to 33rd week of pregnancy and is used to check all important factors of birth: birth location, the size and the child’s head circumference, estimated birth weight, fetal heart rhythm, the State of development of the institutions as well as the location and blood flow to the placenta. The ultrasonic screening also serves to identify possible evidence of a premature birth.