The 6th Month of Pregnancy

The last trimester begins in the 6th month of pregnancy. Your baby measures approx 22 cm from the coccyx to the head, weighs 700 g and is already almost viable.

For you another exciting pregnancy section begins: you feel maybe already at the first practice contractions. One thing is certain: the increasing abdominal weight affects on vessels, back and legs. Take seriously the signals from your body. By now you should enjoy more rest and relaxation.

Cancer screening in the 6 month
5. screening as always controlled cervix, fundus level, heart rate and weight. Now a diagnosis of pelvis can indicate whether a birth in a natural way is possible. The basin is often very tight small and dainty built women. The urine is examined for sugar and certain proteins (albumin). Consult your doctor or midwife to find the right rhythm for the last trimester of pregnancy. Don’t be afraid to ask also your everyday life at work or in the family.

Always strenuous household chores or prolonged standing. Speak therefore the screening also on small complaints. An abnormal fatigue may indicate for example anaemia (anaemia), which is caused by iron deficiency. Iron tablets can be prescribed if necessary. Your doctor recommends you to relax more.

Remember to ask your doctor when you make these in a physical therapist to a certificate for the birth preparation courses. With a midwife, the course is taken over by statutory health insurance without a certificate.

Her body
Increasingly, you have the need to have a rest. This is completely normal, because your whole body is now designed to provide expectant life in your belly. Running to cover the food and oxygen demand of your baby, your blood circulation into overdrive. Her heart rate is slightly increased, but your blood pressure remains normal. Among the small inconvenience that can occur in the 6th month, frequent urination. Your eyes can be irritated. Now, remember to maintain all extensive zones of the body (abdomen, Breast, thighs) with a special antistretch markscream.

Add to a Maternity bra to relieve your chest from extrareference.┬áHer uterus reaches to the top (fundus) 24 cm from the pubic (symphysis pubis). Because the uterus in the stomach takes up more and more space side band pain caused in part. The expansion of the uterus can cause first contractions. This phenomenon is perfectly normal. As long this “practice contractions” irregular and not more than 10 times a day occur, there is no reason to worry. Because the uterus on the stomach presses, you will perhaps suffer heartburn.

It is no longer overlooked, that you are pregnant. These physical changes are difficult to cope with for some women. Other women enjoy their round shapes and are very proud of her baby belly.
Your baby moves more and more and get ideas about what is to come in a few months on you. If you have the feeling that everything about the head grows you, and you get scared, not up to the challenge , you should talk be sure with your partner, a family member, friends, your doctor, or at an outpatient clinic in. The environment can at this stage give you courage and access also morally under the arms.

Your little Darling has still a very wrinkled skin, but slowly but surely survive, for example, in the case of a premature birth. The nervous system and the muscles evolve at a rapid pace. Her baby now even make it perform ever more precise gestures. The lungs continue their growth, but still not completely mature.

Your baby is lively and experiencing increasingly pronounced waking and sleep phases, which are unfortunately not always identical your day – and night rhythm . Your baby drink the sweet tasting fruit water and has hiccups at! The chest (thorax) trained- and exhalation movements for breathing after birth.

Your child increasingly perceive the outside world and is very sensitive to noises, music, strong noise, the voice of his parents and caressing touch.