The 5th Month of Pregnancy

In the second trimester of pregnancy, the expectant mother feels the best. The body has become accustomed to the pregnancy, the mother looks dazzling and the mother-child relationship takes slowly take shape…

The first noticeable baby movements are the most important event in the 5th month. The child is perceived not only by the mother, but also by all other members of the family.

The partner or the sibling can put the hand on MOM’s baby belly and feel when the small boxes or.

> The second ultrasound screening
In this month of pregnancy the second ultrasound takes place, in which the organ development is scrutinised (brain, stomach, kidneys…).

Also the gender can be seen when the child is in this investigation. If you don’t want to know whether it is a boy or a girl, you should notify beforehand that your doctor, so that it is not accidentally date. The Ultrasound also the placenta (placenta), the blood exchange between mother and child sowe are controlled the amount of amniotic fluid. Now you can also identify, whether the placenta right lies. This is important, because upstream placenta (placenta praevia) blocking the birth canal and can lead to complications.
The second ultrasound takes place usually between the 19th and 22nd week of pregnancy. FindĀ maternity smartphones.

> The development of your baby in the 5th month
-The muscles be strong. Her little roommate starts to somersaults in the belly and puts a violent kick you sometimes with arms or legs.
-The sensory organs: In particular the vision formed in the 5th month.
-The nervous system: Brain development is almost complete, your child makes first thoughts… and begins to develop a memory!
-The skin is thicker and more opaque. From the 22nd week of pregnancy, you can no longer see the blood vessels through the skin.
Towards the end of the 5th month of pregnancy are all vital organs, but yet must educate.

> More dates in the month of 5.
-4 screening: the abdomen is scanned to check what height has reached the uterus (fundus stand). This suggests also that whether the fetal growth is normal. Of course a blood pressure and weight control takes place as in any investigation. The doctor checks also the condition of the cervix through the vagina.
-Have you found even a midwife and a maternity clinic?
-Talk with your partner and with your employer about the planned parental. You should start now to plan your return to the job and to search for (Kita, childminder) a day care for your child.
-Soon begins the birth preparation courses. Start in a quiet minute to train the deep abdominal breathing, because this breathing technique you will be a great help in the coming months of pregnancy and in childbirth.

> Nutrition and health in the 5th month
-Remember to drink a lot. Your body needs at least 1 l of water per day. Finally, you have to cover the fluid requirement for yourself and your baby. The water also washes out the pathogens in the bladder and thus prevents urinary infections, which often occur during pregnancy.
-From the 5th month, blockages may occur. Take therefore targeted fiber-rich food (fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals…).

> Psychology
-You should deal with slowly seriously, a given name to search for. Put at least 2-3 given name themselves, which come in the shortlist. Because if you give birth prematurely, a name needs to be found quickly. Naming to be well-planned, because the first name accompanies your child throughout his life.
-Your partner experience with now close the pregnancy, because he senses how fidgets “his” baby in your belly!