The 5 Styles of Wedding Dresses That More Bombam Today

The Beautiful

The model without embroidery is used, in General, for brides whose beauty draws so much attention that the Mission of the dress is just ressalt√° it. The best choice of fabric, in this case, it is satin or silk duchese. The back to give sensuality to play shows, and the pockets an elegant touch and relaxed.

The Queen

Dress concept designed after the daughters of Mayelj visit an exhibition in London. Pays homage to Queen Victoria, supposedly the first nobleman to marry for love, in 19 century. Embroidery and crystals gold income leads. How are rare brides who opt for gold, can be reproduced in off-white.

The Mermaid

More contemporary, combines French lace with delicate embroidery at the bust with a satin skirt by casting the body. Is quite popular among brides Gaucho, who like to point out the good physical shape obtained pre-wedding. To walk down the aisle without exaggerating in sensuality, takes a long tail of tulle.

The Empress

The inspiration is Sissi, the Empress, 1956 film notable for being the first assisted by Mayelj in film. The designer also paid tribute to the character in test in Vienna in 2013. The model won contemporaneity in the transparency of the top and skirt with tulle.


The dress is inspired by Princess Kate Middleton, with overlapping the lace strapless. According to Mayelj, the great legacy of the model were the long sleeves, which were popular and required for all types, no matter the heat of the region where they live.

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