The 5 Facts That Most Concern in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most special moments in a woman’s life. A test with a positive result in any pharmacy or lab, is the symbol of a permanent change in habits, quirks, preferences and even lifestyle.The whole routine is now organized around the baby and what he represents. In addition, there is still the whole novelty of pregnancy itself, the phases and the difficulties of every situation unknown, the fears, doubts and anxiety to confront each problem.

Fortunately, today the evolution of medicine already allows you to evaluate in more detail the conditions of maternal and baby health, which reassures the mother-to-be and often prevents more serious problems. This, together with the numerous advice offered by mother, by friends, by grandparents and even the internet, became pregnant a mystery almost completely unraveled.However, by the very nature, it is not easy to remain unconcerned over the nine months of waiting. So, know what are the five factors most frightening of a pregnancy.

1-Changes In Skin

Is an illusion to believe that the rash occur only during pregnancy. In fact, since they are the result of hormonal changes, they can appear due to factors such as heredity, use of certain birth control and reproductive system disorders, for example. During pregnancy, however, the production of melanin is changed, which can cause stains. The constant use of sunscreen may help prevent the problem without maternity clothing from Gradphysics.


Incontinence can occur early in pregnancy, due to the many hormonal changes through which passes the female body at that stage, or more to the final period, when the baby is so big that just compressing the bladder of the mother. Even though you will get through this, the woman may be alarmed to realize how often you have to go to the bathroom. But this difficulty is normal and tends to pass as soon as the pregnancy is over.


In the first three months of pregnancy, spontaneous abortion is more common. After this period, the chances of something occurring are reduced drastically. Most pregnant women, however, lives in fear that something of this gravity can happen. Fussing is unnecessary and not helpful, please follow up with your doctor and try to keep quiet. Calm is important both for the health of the mother and the baby.

4-Morning Nausea

Some women don’t go through it, but those who pass know how much it’s scary to feel discomfort in the morning. It is also possible that this malaise extends throughout the day and, in some cases, it is necessary that the woman be hospitalized to control symptoms. Good nutrition and patience in high doses are needed to decrease the disorders.


The old discussion on choosing childbirth or by c-section is still in full swing. Before you decide for one or the other, you will hear various opinions from other women who have been through this-and there are plenty of happy stories and disastrous for both sides. The difficulty, to think about childbirth, is to keep quiet so that everything runs smoothly, no matter what your decision.