The 3rd Month of Pregnancy

The nausea of the first three months will soon be over. Fortunately, the value of the pregnant schaftshormons hCG stabilised after the 12th week and the complaints disappear gradually. However, her body is subject to a permanent process of change.

You will experience the 1st ultrasound examination
The first ultrasound takes place between the 9th and 12th week. Since all fetuses in
this stage are pretty equal, can the week of pregnancy and the probable date of insemination relatively accurately be determined.
The doctor also determines whether it is a single – or multiple -pregnancy, whether the baby is all limbs or has any abnormalities.

On request, you can perform a neck transparency measurement from the 12th week. Caution: These prenatal counts as individual health performance (HEDGEHOG) and must be paid by the patient himself. The so-called first-trimester screening is used to detect evidence of a chromosomal disease (E.g. down’s syndrome) as early as possible. This is useful especially if you are family preloaded. The doctor checked whether exceptionally much fluid has collected in your neck. If a doubt should be a blood test and an Amnio.
Made (amniocentesis).

Your baby’s development
-Your baby is no embryo and a fetus.
-In the course of the 3rd month tripled the size of your baby. The nerve cells develop.
-The skeleton develops further, the joints are functional: your baby can pull together the finger and make a fist. The fetus moves, more and more, even if the movements at this stage not yet from the brain are controlled.
-In the sense organs, the eyes have a definite place and are covered by the eyelids. The mouth is formed and the lips are emerging.
-The nose holes develop. The sucking reflex is created.
-Your baby is 12 cm long and weighs about 65 g.

-The woman doctor provides you with a certificate of pregnancy with the birth date of which you need to submit to your insurance company and your employer. According to the maternity protection act, the employers is obliged to indemnify you for the screening. Because in the first trimester, still a relative is high risk of miscarriage (20%), is advised to first notify the pregnancy in the third SSM.
-Consider now, where you release would: under medical supervision in a hospital or with a midwife in a birth home.

Their health
-If you still access the cigarette, you must be classified immediately with the quit smoking, so you do not risk pregnancy than. Tobacco use is harmful for the fetus, in it are all doctors
agree. Smoking can cause numerous problems: a premature birth, lagging behind growth in the uterus (size and weight), certain malformations (E.g., the cleft palate), or an infant colic. Even if quitting difficult you think you should not neglect the health of your baby (and your own). There are gentle methods, which can help you in this necessary step.
-If there is a pathological pregnancy you are monitored especially. Possibly, it discourages you from any effort and recommends that you lie down to trigger no miscarriages or premature birth.
Many women are faced with a premature birth, which can prove the following problem source. Try to be just careful.
-Consider your health, your libido and your spouse for the sake
do not abstain from sex. After all, the baby in your belly is also a fruit of your love! You should not neglect this physical proof of love during the pregnancy. It is important that you still have sex with your partner, even if the libido in the first trimester is something. From 4 months, the desire comes back again. Don’t worry about so!
-After sexual intercourse, bleeding can occur. This is normal and is the fact that the penis touches the cervix, which is very sensitive at the moment. You can track any muscle contractions after orgasm, because your body is currently producing the hormones oxytocin and prostaglandins, which are present during the birth.
-Try regularlyto spare. You are more sensitive than usual due to the numerous changes and should therefore necessarily rest. It is also completely normal if you have a small baby blues. Not alone keep in this case! It is very important that your partner supports you in this phase!

Their diet
-Feed is varied and healthy. Forcing himself to eat, if necessary also if you still see nausea and vomiting. Food intake is important so that your baby will suffer no deficiency symptoms. Don’t forget that your child only about you can eat.
-It is advised to eat an fruit or a serving of veggies at every meal. Remember to thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables before consumption! It is not absolutely necessary to take vitamin supplements, unless your diet is not sufficient to meet your needs. In this case, talk to your doctor!

-Overcome any stress and small depression so that your baby can develop under good conditions. Stay in society!
-Live from the happy feeling, to be pregnant and enjoy the first ultrasound.
-The pregnancy is a big step for your partner. As soon as he saw the baby on the ultrasound the first time he will be increasingly aware that he is father.

More information
The statutory provisions for maternity leave, employment protection and maternity will find you can in the parental (maternity leave before) both the mother and the father to
be taken to the third year of the child’s claim.