The 2nd Month of Pregnancy

You know now that you are pregnant and have already made a test.

The most important thing in this month
To make an appointment with your Gynecologist for the first screening:

-Your Gynecologist asks after the 1st day of your last period, to date the pregnancy. If you have a regular cycle (28 days) the confinement date, arises by you from the 1st day of the last period of 10 months (= 40 weeks) include.
Calculate your due date!

-The gynecologist is usually also questions to your age, your state of health (drugs, allergies), your habits (alcohol, smoking) and any previous pregnancies with maternity jeans from
-The doctor will make an gynaecological palpation, to verify the size of the uterus and to determine whether the cervix is closed. Also, the blood pressure is measured at each examination and control your weight.
-He will prescribe an blood and urine analysis in the laboratory. The blood analysis determines your detailed blood group (RH factor) and a test on
Infectious diseases (rubella, toxoplasmosis, syphilis, on request also AIDS and hepatitis-B) carried out. The sugar and protein content is measured in the urine to detect a possible pregnancy diabetes.
-If necessary, you can prescribe nutritional supplements the doctor to prevent possible deficiencies. Folic acid (vitamin B9), iron and magnesium are vital so that your baby properly developed.
-The doctor issues a mother pass, entered all the information and who must be brought to each examination.
-There is a total 10-12 screening: until the 8th month of an investigation a month, then every 2 weeks.
-The prenatal care is exempt in principle from the practice fee , unless it held an additional consultation or examination. Check therefore with your doctor after the exact charges.

Your baby’s development
-The nervous system, the lungs, the liver, the pancreas and the stomach continue to evolve significantly.
-The spinal column and the kidney form. The first muscles move can the baby in the womb are created.
-The sensory organs (optical nerve, ears, tongue and nose) build up further and visible via ultrasound. The embryo can however still do not see or hear.
-The little heart of baby has only two chambers of the heart on the left and right sides at this stage.
-End of the 2nd month of the embryo is about 3 cm in size and weighs 2-3 g.

-Make an appointment for the first ultrasound, which is prescribed for you by your doctor in the 9-12. SSW.
-Don’t forget to choose a hospital or a midwife for the birth if it is not already. Waiting lists are often quite long!

Their health
-If you every morning is bad , drink a glass of water on an empty stomach and try to take the breakfast in lying position on the bed. Wait 15 minutes before you stand up. Drink instead of tea or coffee a cup Chamomile or ginger tea.
-You can everyday complaints such as hot flashes, frequent urination urge, sore breasts, heartburn, headache, dizziness, nasal bleeding, itching, or crushing attacks without risk for your baby
treated with homeopathic remedies .
-Consult a doctor if you notice a greenish or unpleasant-smelling discharge .
-If you’re tired you should make a 20-minute NAP (if possible), which helps the body to recover.
-Your heart and breathing rhythm can speed up. Classify your forces, but not decay in a State of vehicle sleepiness.
– Tension in the stomach are normal and should not be confused with uterine cramps. Can relax and breathe slowly and deeply.
-Use a gentle sport: walking, swimming, gentle exercise, yoga or dancing.
– Drinking You at least 1.5 litres of water per day. Prevent also a bladder infection.

Their diet
-Eat primarily with varied and fresh foods instead of frozen products. The protein cannot be reduced because it is essential for the embryonic muscle development. You also need the calories of starch-containing food products, so that you can resist cravings . Do not, however, too rich, too sweet or too salty food.
-For your personal well-being and your health, the exchanger will gain in pregnancy should (more than 9 months) 10-12 kilos not exceed. If you are rich it may be slightly less. Vice versa you can increase, if you are very thin, something more.

Their skin
Nourish your skin, to prevent stretch marks to occur. Those stretch marks are normal, but unfortunately no more undo. Use an anti stretch marks oil or a corresponding cream women who can make a matter of principle no contraindications especially for pregnant.

-They tend in pregnancy, to call into question. In addition, mood swings and sudden feelings of pleasure can occur. During this time, you need so much love, affection and understanding from your partner.
-You worry that your body changed too quickly that the birth is not optimally or that your baby is not healthy. These fears are normal. All expectant mothers feel like you!
-A baby Prep course in the hospital or in a midwife can help you to strengthen your self-confidence and calm your fears. Don’t be afraid to talk with your doctor or with someone of you trust about your concerns.

More information
The Ministry for Family Affairs, which publishes a guide to maternity protection in the legal regulations and the financial benefits are explained.