The 1st Month of Pregnancy

Have you noticed any pregnancy symptoms in himself, even if your condition not yet from the outside suggests. Nevertheless, many changes take place in during the first month in your body and there are many little things that you should be aware now.

Main thing is sure: the pregnancy test

If you suspect to be pregnant, you should perform a urine test at home. A prescription-free pregnancy test from the pharmacy is up to 99% effective and offers a decisive advantage: the result appears immediately!

Apply approximately 10 days after the date of insemination or at least 3 days after the theoretical entrance of the menstrual period the urine test. The test strip detects the pregnancy hormone hCG and a control window that indicates whether you are expecting a child.

In addition, the pregnancy can be confirmed by a laboratory test. Ask a doctor whether he will prescribe a blood test, because the blood test only provides a 100% reliable result. However you must wait for the result in a laboratory test. Visit for maternity shoes.

Your baby’s development

  • The fertilized egg (Zygote) has nested 5-7 days after fertilization in the lining of the uterus.
  • With 4 weeks your baby has already a heart and a stomach: this is the beginning of the embryonic organogenesis, so the phase in which the main bodies are built.
  • The limbs are still not really pronounced: speaking of limb approaches at this stage.
  • The nervous system develops.
  • The sensory organs begin to form. Speaking from the time of fertilization until including to the 8th week of pregnancy by an embryo, even if there are still no eyes and no mouth at the very beginning.
  • In the first month, the embryo floats almost weightlessly in the amniotic sac, which is connected to the outer area of the ice through the umbilical cord (which is still evolving).
  • At the end of the first month, your baby is 2-5 mm big. This corresponds to the head of a PIN.

It may happen that you (as almost 20% of women) suffer a miscarriage (spontaneous abortion) in the first month. The natural finish of the fruit is noticeable by the disappearance of the signs of pregnancy and a permanent blood loss (caution: an irregular bleeding can be normal). In case of doubt, as soon as possible consult your gynecologist!


If you live in a big city and you want to give birth in a hospital you should worry relatively soon, to choose a hospital for the birth. It is advisable to start so that you can secure a week bed for the confinement date very quickly with the search after the appropriate maternity ward and the reservation. Make you are already thinking about which criteria are important to you when choosing a, so you can search for example specifically after a maternity ward that has the required facilities (children’s hospital with Fruhchenstation in the House, underwater birth in the bathtub…).

Health and nutrition

Movement during pregnancy is healthy. Therefore continue to light sports such as swimming, walking, cycling, yoga etc can be practiced. Due to the fall and injury (also with regard to a possible miscarriage)–is generally discouraged risk sports. These include: martial arts, skiing, horseback riding… Avoid also long trips in the car.

  • If it is still not the case: you stop smoking.
  • Reduce your coffee and tea consumption
  • Consistently dispense with alcohol.
  • A varied and balanced diet meets the needs for the development of the embryo and your own body.
  • Avoid unpasteurised milk products (E.g. raw milk cheese), as the Listeriose-pathogens can be transmitted. Hard cheeses are entirely harmless, however, such as Parmesan, Emmental or Comté.
  • You need many vitamins and trace elements in the whole first trimester of pregnancy. Can consult with your gynecologist.
  • You’re certainly very tired: you insert little breaks to relax!

If you suffer from migraine headaches or nausea, you should always ask your doctor for advice before you access to drugs. Many drugs are prohibited in pregnancy – or it is strongly discouraged by them. The Painkiller aspirin should not be taken during pregnancy, for example (check with a doctor for an alternative active substance). If you have bleeding gums, let yourself examined by your dentist, because the gum is slightly vulnerable through the hormone change.


You already have a child? Then you should talk necessarily very soon to their offspring about the small baby, that you have in your stomach, because children feel everything. The little ones have an incredible instinct and realize immediately that is a big change on the family. It is better to initiate your child from the outset with, to feel cannot be ruled out, because that wouldn’t understand. Even if you want to just wait the ultrasound to make sure that everything goes well, you should talk with your son or your daughter about your fertility and prepare your pet for the big news.