The 10 Most Brutal Smartphone Deaths

You all have paid good money for your smart phone. It would never come to your mind to want to destroy it. On the contrary, with protective covers and regular care, keep your mobile companions like your eyeball. Unfortunately, not every person is as prudent and normal as her.There are people around the world who do not love their smart phones so much. They prefer to think of the cruelest experiments to destroy them as spectacularly as possible.

The 10 Most Brutal Smartphone Deaths

What comes now is nothing for weak stomachs. Freddy and Jason can pack, because here come our top 10 most brutal smart phone deaths.

Rank 10-How Much Does A Lumia 920 Hold?

Even if it is “only” about a Lumia 920, it still cost money and deserves but really something better than to be hit by a car or thrown into the air, right? The young man in the video looks different. He wants to find out how much torture the smart phone can withstand. See for yourself and cry.

Place 9-When Married Couples Do Not Have Hobbies

The couple in the video has found a questionable way to treat their daily accumulated aggressions themselves and not to let each other out. They grill their HTC One, dive into lemonade and throw it out of the window of their driving luxury motorhome. In this video we have two criticisms: As cruel as the test for the smart phone is, it is not really spectacular. And if the couple wants to destroy something, why not these terrible red pants of the lady? That’s why we are ranked 9th in the ranking.

Place 8-A Hot Bath For Galaxy S6 And Iphone 6

The Lord in the video seems to have been bathed too hot as a child and has to pass this pain now.But billed to an iPhone 6 and a Samsung Galaxy S6? This is very brutal. In a pan, the two smart phones are cooked extensively. The eighth place goes to the YouTube channel TechRax for his vivid test, how resistant two modern smart phones from eHuzhou.

Place 7-Even Iron Man Breaks In Some Time

In his films, Marvel hero Iron Man has repeatedly saved the world. Reason enough for Samsung to devote to it a special edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge. How I would have liked to have called such a model my own. This gentleman actually got one of the coveted models. And how does he appreciate this happiness? He puts the smart phone into a vise and strikes it with a hammer on it. What would Tony Stark say? For this cruelty, we have the seventh place.

Rank 6 – The Iphone 6 Dies Slowly

Gallium is a rare chemical element with a melting point of 29.76 ° C. At the temperature it becomes liquid and attacks other metals in this state. It decomposes them so that they crumble slowly. The reaction of liquid gallium with water is even stronger. So the young man in the video sees no reason why he should not pour liquid gallium over his iPhone 6. After a few hours, the once iPhone is only a crumbling shadow of itself. So why not pour in some water? Just for the sixth place in our list?

Place 5-Your Iphone Already Baked?

If you are missing the right idea for a delicious filling for the next Christmas tree, why do not you simply take your iPhone 6? Apple uses only the finest materials for its iPhones anyway. The surprise in the eyes of your family is certainly boundless. Simply put the goose with the iPhone for four hours in the oven and-voila-it is dressed. We personally find this test really cruel. Baking an iPhone like this is just bad. Finally, the turkey can no longer eat. What a waste.

Rank 4 – A Test To Melt Down

What is worse than burning an iPhone 6? Right, a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge right afterwards to send to the beyond. In this test, one wanted to find out which device melts faster and fades away from its function. Can it really be cruel? Oh yes, it can. After all, we are only ranked 4th on our list of the most brutal smart phone deaths. Nevertheless, we can feel compassion when you are experiencing physical pain at the sight of the video. We feel with you.

Place 3-Fire Free

How many iPhones do you need to stop the ball of an AK-74? No, this is not a bad light bulb joke, but cruel reality. In one test, several iPhones were placed one behind the other in order to shoot with an AK-74. So please, every child in the US knows that the AK-12 is much better in the hands. But this only on the edge. Furthermore, for us the much more interesting question, how many Nokia 3310 one would need to destroy an AK-74.

2nd Place – Tim Mälzer, What Do You Do At The Weekend?

For some unfathomable reason, the Internet is about to destroy iPhones in a creative way. These crash tests are performed with no other brand as often as with new and old Apple models? We do not want to speculate at this point why this is so. We prefer to introduce our second-placed video.Do you have a bottle of cola by chance?

Place 1 And Thus The Winner-The Iphone 6s And The Dance On The Volcano

How do you just throw your iPhone into glowing lava? What is the purpose of such a sacrifice if at least one lemon is not included for the smart phone gods? Also here it once again caught an iPhone.The enormous power of nature has visibly impressed us and has been traumatized for a long time.In a few hundred years the device is released from its stone prison. What will the finders think of this discovery? Dear viewer, our winner for the most gruesome smart phone death. We could hardly look, but did not go away.