TeleOctave, The Power of Calculation of Octave in Telegram Chat

Your next great spreadsheet from the mobile application may already have it installed. It is not calculator through the Google search line, but shots go out there, and come through Telegram.

Yes, you read well, and is not a program for calculating any. TeleOctave brings what promises by its name, the free alternative to MATLAB to a line of chat via Telegram. So we have to enter the calculation you want to perform in the chat to @TeleOctave and instantly receive a reply with the result.

This is possible thanks to the Telegram API and its open front-end, allowing to establish points of input and output of information other than the official applications. In this case, What’s on the other side is a server with Octave installed, making performs the calculations that we ask. It works with all the applications of Telegram.

Of course, nothing to discover the next Prime with this application, because resources are exceeded quite easily. It nonetheless be a very powerful option have an application of this style integrated in our – who is it, clear – normal chat.

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For those who don’t know, Octave can be somewhat cumbersome at first. Practically it has no interface, and in Telegram was not going to be different. The power of this software is in the matrix calculation, but getting us used to the notation we can make representations and very advanced calculations from our mobile devices, browsers or computers and without installing any other software.

While other alternatives for free calculation as Maxim (for computational calculation) already have their first approaches to Android, this is a good step for Octave. Of course, you have access to some of the manuals via the link below, and a little introduction to Octave in this link Guide.


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