Teas for the Stomach: The Best Options

In addition to the medication, or sometimes for prevention, the crises of gastric or symptoms allude, can be relieved and treated with teas for the stomach.

Teas for the Stomach The Best Options

The teas for the stomach are a viable alternative and act in conjunction with pharmacotherapy for the relief of symptoms in gastric, in times of acute crisis. They are also a form of prevention because they perform directly into the digestion, favouring its correct operation.

There are various diseases of the stomach, and in the case of symptoms, you should always consult your doctor to get a diagnosis and treatment for your specific situation.

Despite the diversity of clinical situations associated with the stomach, their complexity and depend on from case to case, there are many common symptoms, and frequent gastric problems:

  • Nausea
  • Pain gastric
  • With slow digestion
  • Gastric reflux
  • Heartburn
  • Feeling very
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Chest pain

The teas for the stomach are used for the relief of symptoms and prevention of the appearance of the same, in particular in situations of gastritis or after ingesting a heavy meal, and nutritionally unbalanced.

Natural extracts such as ginger, licorice and chamomile are 3 types of teas to the stomach which may relieve the symptoms or prevent the appearances of the same.


The ginger is known for its numerous medicinal properties and is widely used for various purposes. Has soothing properties and anti-inflammatory and is often used in situations of reflux.

It is recommended to take this tea before meals and/or throughout the day, in situations of high crisis or to prevent the onset of symptoms as is the case of the reflux. The ginger helps in the digestive process, in contrast to the permanence of the food in the stomach and regulates the levels of acidity.

In cases of reflux, you should always take some precautions, such as avoiding meals large and be many hours without eating, avoid foods with fat and spices, not to ingest coffee and energy drinks, do not smoke and avoid lying down after eating. Put the head of the bed 45.Nd is a way to avoid episodes of reflux during the night.


The chamomile has an action on calming the stomach. Thus, it contributes to the decrease in the pain stomach, particularly after a heavy meal.

It is known to be a natural anti-inflammatory, helping the healing process especially in cases of lesions of the mucous membrane, caused by the excess acid produced with the presence or not of gastric ulcers.


The root of licorice is known for its action at the level the digestive. Decreases the stomach acid and is effective in the healing of ulcers of the stomach. Has a positive action at the level of the digestion, aiding the normal functioning of the digestive system, not only at the level of the stomach but also at the level of bile and intestinal.

You can consume your way hot or cold, and can get even more benefits if it is taken during or after the meal.