Take the Trend from the Stage to the Streets

Get inspired in the delicate looks of the dancers and abuse of tutus and transparencies with class and elegance

Who does not remember the opening of the American television series Sex and the City where the protagonist Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker’s incredible!) crosses the streets of New York of tutu and pink Leotard mean? The series, shown in 1998, have opened space for a trend that today has taken the stage and the streets: fashion ballerina!

Far beyond the performances, the universe of the dancers broke into pop culture and today with all the runways, mainly in winter collection/2017 Valentino brand. With inspiration from the Russian Ballet, the roses tones superdelicados arrive in weight in tights, skirts, shirts, pants, ties, news leggings, shoes and handbags. There’s no shortage of parts to compose the complete wardrobe!

In other brands, with Miu Miu, the Ballerina trend is present mainly in Accessories such as belt buckles and shoes with moorings. And it seems that the fashion is approved, she appeared at the feet of 9:00 pm every 10 fashionistas who passed by the Paris fashion week. Set the tone
Good old aged pink – so present in the universe of the dancers – appears in monochromatic looks, especially in cardigans of cashmere, evases skirts, tights and shirts. You can also bet on bolder accessories, as well as sexy lingerie, high heel shoes and even cocktail dresses. And for those who want to flee the pale pink, you can get Visual inspiration in less retro and invest in pieces in shades of pistachio green, lilac and Navy Blue.