TAG Heuer Watch FAQs

WTBR: That’s why a specific collection to Ayrton Senna?

Jean-Claude Biver: Just that, this collection was launched in Brazil, first, but is a simultaneous worldwide release. Initially four models for the next 12 months.

Each watch features the famous Senna ‘, styled in red lacquer on the dial, present on the rear case and bezel.

All watches feature a tachymeter scale and iconic bracelet “Legend”, with S-shaped fittings. We want to convey to the watch the true spirit of the race and the performance of the great Formula 1 pilot who was Senna.

WTBR: I would like you to say a little more about the clock Connected.

Jean-Claude Biver: Is a watch with 100% of the identity of the TAG Heuer. He doesn’t look like a smartwatch clock. I’ve seen many and I can tell, looking closely, you are smart watches.

They all have something in common. You can see and feel. If we are able to produce a smart watch that doesn’t look like a smart watch, Yes, we do. Otherwise, we can’t do.

I told my team that I only accept a Connected Watch if you promise that can bring 100% brand DNA to Connected Watch, with the material that we are accustomed to use, such as titanium and resembling a Carrera parole.

If you meet these conditions, you can make a smart watch. So I’m very proud of the result. We were able to hide from the fact that it’s a smartwatch clock. You have to touch it to see that it is a technological model. And the price is around $1500.

WTBR: It is possible to measure how consumers received the launch clock Connected?

Jean-Claude Biver: I can say that it has exceeded our expectations, I’ve never seen an impact so big and so positive with a launch in a traditional watchmaking.

I can say that the Connected Watch for TAG Heuer was certainly the biggest event of the last 100 years. A colossal impact.

It’s the beginning of a revolution, because we start to reach a new audience of consumers, many who had never even bought a watch in my life. With the Connected TAG Heuer took a big step towards the new century.