Table for the Dining Room: Check Out Templates and Tips

The ideal table for the dining room recognizes the need of space for movement within the environment.

You are in search of a table for the dining room? So see Tips for finding the perfect model. Time to make the choice, we need to consider the size of the environment, the style of decoration, among many other factors.

The dining room is a room perfect for making meals and reunite the family. So that your space is well used, the choice of the furniture is fundamental criterion. The items need to be proportionate to the size of the environment and does not interfere with the movement of residents.

Before you start decorating the dining room, it is important to think how many people she must meet and dimensions available. Each item must be positioned with good sense and creativity so that the end result is harmonious.

In addition to vary as to size and format, the tables for dining room also feature different finishes at dictfurniture. Bright lacquer, wood and colorless glass are some interesting options for those who appreciate contemporary aesthetics.

Tips to choose the dining room table

Check out the following important tips to hit the choice of dining table:

  • The table cannot occupy the entire space of the dining room. The Division also need to accommodate well the sideboard and chairs.
  • The ideal desk should consider the number of locals and potential visitors. For example, if the family has four members, then the Cabinet must have six seats.
  • The space around the dinner table must be at least 0, 90 cm to allow for the movement. However, the measure considered ideal is of 1, 20 m.

From the measures around the table that makes it possible to choose the size and the format of the table.

  • If the dining room is narrow, then the best choice is a rectangular table.
  • Round and square tables, for your time, can accommodate a maximum of 8 people. If the Cabinet is larger than this, the dining room also needs to be broader.
  • In integrated environments, the dining table can be leaning in the corner or in the Center.
  • Oval tables are perfect for encouraging the circulation on the sides.
  • Ideally, there is a distance of one meter between the dining room and the wall or other furniture.

The table should not interfere with the passage and not impair access to other rooms.

  • In the case of a small dining room, the table must act in conjunction with armless chairs or benches.
  • Before you buy dining table in a store, it is important to use a measuring tape to know all the dimensions of the room. Take notes of the main environmental features such as presence of door or window, is also something interesting for a good decoration planning.

Models of tables for dining room

The following is a selection of images of tables for dining room:

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