Switchr, a New Way to Change Applications with Gestures

Since the early days of Android, one of the issues that characterized him was the use of a multi-tasking real which allowed us to operate an application while we were using another. Worse was not until the arrival of Android 3.0 Honeycomb that appears in the operating system itself a button to view the last executed applications, and can return to them if the system had not closed them.

Still, never it is worth testing more customization options to manage in a more efficient way our terminals. Switchr It is an application that wants to use to handle multi-tasking through the use of gestures, a choice that has many followers who want to use this system instead of using menus with buttons.

The use of Switchr is very simple, for starters only we tend to slide from the left edge of the screen and one of the open applications will appear, and if we let pass this programme. If it is not what oars can return to the left and then again to the right for another application, and if we want to close a process we will have to move it to the right all.

The program is currently in beta phase, which will last until October 20, time that will be available to everyone on Google Play, without specifying if it will be payment or for free. To test it you must follow these steps:

  • Sign up for Switchr Beta Testers in Google Plus
  • Accept to join the beta of Switchr
  • Go to Google Play. It is essential to have followed the steps above