Swimwear for Fatties

Swimwear For Fatties, fashion Summer 2012, tips and templates – photos

To the fatties enjoy well this summer 2012, here are the trends for them tearing apart!

Swimwear for Fatties

The pieces should be comfortable and plump that doesn’t show your even more overweight. The swimsuits they hide the chubbiness however many don’t like … So the trick is to remember that the bottom Bikinis hot pants.

Yes you can enjoy the beaches and pools with a lot of style, until the swimwear out of shape, how about? Check out photo gallery of bikinis and swimsuits for fatties: hoticle.com.


Few women adhere to swimsuits, usually the kids use, but is a great option to hide it well.


Of course you can wear a bikini without fear, for example:

** Outstanding waist and big legs:

Equal to the above model, you’ve got a bun in the oven and the butt and the big legs, ideal is the highest panties and, consequently, wider on the sides.

**The upper lot:

Here in Brazil is more common for women to have larger waists and legs and have less breasts, but the opposite can happen and it happens. With many fatties. The ideal bra is a bra half glass of reinforced handles, he is well off also on the sides to give even more firmly without harming the column.

**Prints and many colors:

The basic black slims, who said that the fatties must escape the colored and patterned. This summer abuse of colors and prints, choose the most beautiful model according to your preferences.

If you want prints of ball, opt for small balls with the dark background to not increase the silhouette. Avoid white tones. And avoid horizontal stripes on the vertical only in May.

** Bath outputs:

How about investing in outputs. Let them more comfortable to walk and hide the chubbiness. Jeans, “sweaters”, dresses are a great option.

Tip: Posture is everything to a beautiful woman. Let’s get away and open the shoulders, so you get more confident and you lose weight five pounds – for who sees you.