Swimming for Children and Swimming Lessons

Swimming is universally recognized as one of the most child-friendly, from the physical point of view, as it involves all the muscles of the body in a harmonious and symmetric. For several years, are also organized courses for the little ones.

Aquatic courses

For younger children, even up to six years, no mention of swimming lessons but “swimming lessons”. The courses aimed at children under 3 years of age require the child to be accompanied in the water by a parent.

The purpose is not, of course, to learn how to swim, but rather to cultivate the natural familiarity with the aquatic environment. The activities reinforce the link with parent and entertain your baby. Physical activity also encourages sleep and appetite.

Appropriately equipped pools you can start three months: at this age, the temperature of the water must be less than 33 degrees because of thermoregulatory capabilities. After six months, your baby will tolerate slightly lower temperatures (31-32 degrees).

The pool must be equipped with special tanks for swimming lessons, usually colorful and full of games.
As it is assumed that the child can appreciate the experience, don’t force it, and enable it to move closer to the water gradually and smoothly. à also important pay attention to thermal distress signals (like purplish lips) and tired, to stop before it gets itchy.

Remember also that it is true that the pool can help rid mucus from the nose, but the baby cooled breathe worse and may find it difficult to carry out activities already carried out earlier.

Swimming lessons for children

Swimming lessons themselves, where children enter into the water with the supervision of the instructor, begin by three years.

Be careful, though, the playful aspect, which at this age is still very important. According to experts, kids shouldn’t start playing sports until 5-6 years, as under this age dominated by a kind of intelligence that requires direct experience of the senses for learning and the child is not ready to follow the instructions of an instructor. Also, physically is not yet able to play intense and prolonged efforts. Until roughly to 5-6 years, in short, is it fair that the baby is devoted to recreational activities and that it is free to stop by anytime and to explore in its own way.

Swimming, moreover, as beneficial, is likely to become tedious: the succession always equal the tanks could get boring soon baby.

The competitions start from the eight years but there’s no use in a hurry: the figures speak for themselves. In most cases, a valid performance in youth leagues is not a playing career later equally brilliant, partly because of the high dropout rate.

It is important to choose a pool where children not excessive physical effort is required and where they meet their natural time, leaving ample space to play until at least six years.

Article written by: Cosetta Matteoni