Sweat Proof Makeup for Gym

Gym trick yes or no?! Here’s how to be nice and always tidy, without excess and trash style falls!

Sweat Proof Makeup for Gym

gym trick yes or no?!

Let’s face it, already the idea of sweat and toil to lose the extra pounds is not tempting .

Wear makeup to sweat is definitely uncomfortable and rather ridiculous, but it’s understandable to want to be pretty and presentable even in that piece of time that we dedicate and ourselves and to our fitness.

Ehuacom point of view regarding the make-up in the gym is pretty clear: Less is more or less there is the better.

The trick worked in a sporting context is likely to fall in the trash , on the contrary, however, a makeup veil to feel more in order and nice can increase confidence in ourselves even in the suit, with tail and sneakers.

Started to say goodbye to fluorescent colors, and products not water-proof and dust.

To be beautiful at the gym just very little.

Here’s what we recommend a personal trainer really special.

1- BB Cream

As mentioned, you say goodbye to dust, powder and the rest.

The BB Cream , or the next CC Cream , are ideal to have a beautiful healthy and bright color.

Do not overdo it with moisturizer.

This type of moisturizing creams are already well and the risk of sweat color becomes high.

Just a touch of special cream that the mineralized tissues even during fatigue.

2- Blush

Green light to blush, the “cheeks Heidi” effect.

A bit ‘of color on the cheeks is perfect, but always remembering rule number one: never powder.

Now there are several Blush in stick pack , perfect, because mix different shades and give a very natural effect.

The peach is always the most suitable, especially for fair skin.

If you are olive scales avoid this kind of makeup. Seem Moira Orfei might be too simple.

3- Mascara

Only approved eye makeup: nothing pencil, eyeliner or kajal!

During a challenging workout you may find yourself more like a panda to a sports and would also increase the bags under the eyes!

Green light only to mascara to lengthen lashes and give depth to the eye.

Only waterproof, mind you!

4- Lip Gloss

If you really can not not tint the lips, use a little ‘lip gloss and go!

Ideally, only a bit ‘of lip balm .

Everything must be just a little ‘mentioned: bandits red lipsticks and the like!

For heaven’s sake!

5- Smalto

Enamel is the only excess granted in the gym.

Funny nail-art (not too long or you risk spezzarvele during certain exercises and make you really sick), fluorescent colors … express your creativity!

In this case you dare … you can!

6- Always better without makeup

Think about it though.

The convenience factor is very important in the gym.

The sweat mixed with tricks can cause itching and skin irritation.

No makeup we are free to refresh the face even with the water and not having the fear of getting dirty everywhere.