Already out by fashion or not, it was something I had wanted to try. His name is Sup-Yoga and is just what it sounds, performed on a paddle Board yoga postures.

With the Sup-Yoga we improve flexibility, coordination and strength,

To practice this new style of yoga, zipcodesexplorer advises you know frist how to swim and some basics of surf to be able to stay in the table!

In addition to the known benefits of Yoga, we increase the flexibility, coordination and strength necessary to maintain the balance in the table, providing a feeling of tranquility and harmony, surrounded by exceptional surroundings, but see and judge where I practiced it: Beach of el Chorrillo (Rota).

Area of practice in the beach of el Chorrillo (Rota)

I dared with some positions of balance and a series of plates, and as not, some meditation. The balance is quite difficult, but also is without a doubt a great and very funny way transform your practice of Yoga.

That day a little cold and as I knew that I would fall a few times to water (which has to be beginner) preferred to get the neoprene. I felt at peace with me same and entered Max connection with the sea.

Different positions for the Sup-Yoga

The next day I encouraged to some friends to try the experience, the day was perfect, just ran the wind and made more heat. And this was the result.

A Council, starts with simple poses that allow you to keep your feet on the top of the table (I say this from experience) and something is very important that you use sunscreen.