Summer Wedding Makeup Tips

Getting married in the summer is definitely delicious, because it is possible to organize party outdoors in lush gardens, flower tripudianti. The heat, however, has always been the number one enemy of the brides, who must be careful not to sweat in the dress of silk and to preserve the trick. Which make up choose for the occasion?

The wedding makeup should be light and flawless. It’s not easy, but with the summer heat to maintain the perfect makeup throughout the day, especially if the ceremony is at 11. You need to take some precautions to avoid unpleasant surprises, as cast or mascara Foundation stripes along the neck.

For rule number one serves one word: waterproof! Cosmetics must be absolutely water resistant and possibly even oil-free. Why? It is important that the cheat doesn’t melt the first droplets of sweat and that also will not occur any rashes. The oil tends to clog the pores of the skin and therefore, in case of heat, could lead to the appearance of pimples.

The week before the wedding, prepare the skin with a nice facial cleansing and Exfoliating mask.As a moisturizer, always to be in line with what we have just said, use of serums or creams read and easily absorbed, especially if you have a combination skin or tend a bit greasy.

Turning now to some advice on makeup! The makeup must be very light, almost with a nude effect. It is important to use a tone-on-tone Foundation to cover any discoloration. Don’t forget to make a good base, using the action of the primer, which allow to cosmetics to adhere better and last longer, of course.

For eyes, simply use an eyeshadow with a neutral or pastel tones. You prefer that in poor, which resists better to heat the cream eye shadow and not use eyeliner or Pencil. Don’t weigh down the eye. Finish the trick with some waterproof mascara, to make it look more intense and profound. Lips can be polished with a simple glittery lip gloss, perhaps slightly Dim, or mother of Pearl. The make up has to be done with a Fixer spray or some translucent powder.

As you can tell this is a trick very classic and light. During the wedding, try to cut out a few minutes for a slight “Makeover”. You won’t need much: delivered to mom or a friend a cosmetic bag with a feather duster and face powder. To remove the shine of perspiration, in case of high temperatures, but just to refresh yourself, tamponatevi a little the face and smear a thin layer of gloss on the lips.You will be so perfect all day long.