Summer Baby Night Light

In terms of night light for my great we have the musical star at Pabobo night light, but when I saw night light music summer Butterfly on the site of baby surfer, I immediately fell in love and wanted to test!

“This night light Butterfly will project a starry sky in 3 soothing colors choices, which may be accompanied by either different lullabies, heartbeat, or noises of nature. The automatic stop will be after 15,30 or 45 minutes.
The wings, antennae, and the head were a very nice touch. »


  • 3 different colors for the projection of the stars (blue, red and green)
  • A sound of heartbeats
  • Several lullabies which alsonoisethe nature or the sea ^^
  • 3 levels of sounds

My opinion: I didn’t know all this product, or this brand, and I admit that it is a sacred discovery, a big favorite! A night light complete with its different colors and different sounds (I think this is the first time I see a night light with so many different sounds).

Mysteryaround highly recommend this product, which exists in several forms: butterfly, elephant, frog and bee.

The delivery is done by TNT, which are for me the best delivery guys! They send an email the day before to evening to request if you want to change the delivery (date, location,…) and even if we had the time to do it, the day J if they arrive at your home and that you’re not here, they call, whether they can put the package to a trusted neighbour, and for my part the delivery guy agreed to do 5 minutes of their way to deliver it to another place.

Be aware that by ordering via e you will also have 3% of the transferred amount on your account