Succulents Everywhere, in And Outdoor

Succulents are a paradise and the illusion of the absence of a green thumb.

Succulents and inviting are a miracle of nature self-managed, autonomous, stinging or velvety, often absurd and disturbing.
Primitive shapes or almost extraterrestrial, enjoy undeniable charm.
Simple precautions are enough to make them live happy and in perfect shape. We must assure a temperature around 20 degrees, draining soil, exposure to sunlight for at least a few hours a day and then scatter them here and there at your own visual taste.

Usage ideas for decorating the home are endless and here are some creative ideas.

The wooden boxes of fruit are a must of creative recycling.
Why not turn them, then, in an original garden of succulents with some succulent, a cactus or an armchair from the mother-in-law.

It ‘just coat the inside of the box with a gardening towel and fill it with suitable soil for succulents.
Maybe the wood can be stained enamel and some foreign object will increase its decorative force.

A book abandoned, never read or otherwise ornament from library, it can turn into a succulent garden DIY, to be included on a shelf or on a desk. Open the book, remove with a sharp knife the middle of the side with more pages. Place yourself inside a transparent plastic bag that will be the filter, and then add the drained soil and the selected fat.

And if you live in the belief unpaired services, you can transform old cups for oily plant pots. A bit ‘of soil and cactuses of different species such as fox tails or so-called living stones.

Tin cans lend themselves to an infinite number of creative recycle, one of which is, precisely, the vase.

And the vertical garden is a painting of plants established through a wire mesh with holes of dimensions suitable to accommodate the fat.