Stylish Despite Dress Size 48-Blogger

A woman with style is Verena Prechtl, 29, from Munich, who does not have Size Zero measures, but still shows her body at Instagram and on her blog.  She demonstrates that you can not hide with clothes size 48 and only have to carry wide hanger. 

A slightly different blog

She stands confidently in the bikini on Lake Garda and can be staged by her friend and photographer. She has not been influenced by nasty comments on her figure for a long time. On the contrary, she makes courage and encourages others to stand by her body. Her blog, which she has brought up with her girlfriend Sophia, is unique and has an innovative concept:”The Skinny and the Curvy One”  show the two girlfriends outfits of two different bodies and weights. They present on several social channels once as Skinny(Sophia) and once as Curvy(Verena). This allows them to pick up followers and readers from different directions and interests.

Curvy model with potential

The fact that she is now bigger and fuller than other girls and women, she can not conceal. So why not make profit? So she stands several times the week before the camera and shooter confidently new outfits with off-shoulder dresses or torn jeans. It shows how stylish you can also dress with big sizes and walk around. In addition, she is one of the faces for the “Soulfully” blog by Moderiesen Otto. If you look at their Instagram account ms_wunderbar so it quickly becomes clear what their followers like best: natural photos, without many filters that show the truth. Up to 10,000 Likes she gets for her self-confident bikini photos. As a relation and to the assessment: Your Instagram-suited food photos get just around the 550 Likes. And from the initial Shitstorm, that she is too fat and can not present itself so now, are now overwhelmingly enthusiastic calls and reinforcing words. Because they show just one thing: beauty has no size and stylish can also be in any dress size according to Keep it up!