Stretch Marks: Annoying Evil or Preventable Flaw?

A pregnancy changes the entire body of the expectant mother. In the second third of the appearance of the most pregnant women changed visible: the hair are full, the facial skin is rosy, rounds up the body and often the women seem happy.

But the stretching of the abdomen through the growing baby and the relaxation of the skin tissue through the pregnancy hormones cause often unfortunately also known as stretch marks.

What are stretch marks?

If stretch marks to red to purple stretch scar tissue of abdomen, thighs, butt or breasts. They pose no danger to the organism, but they are unsightly and can mean a psychological burden for the woman. Once caused the stretch marks, it is very difficult or impossible to remove them completely.

Stretch marks are not uncommon to get 50 to 80 percent of expectant mothers in different thickness. Women are particularly affected in her first pregnancy and women who are overweight.

Causes of stretch marks

The exact reasons for the formation of stretch marks are still controversial. But, doctors assume that the diet style and the water balance in the body responsible for stretch marks are a mix of genetic systems, the hormonal changes in pregnancy. A certain predisposition to weak connective tissue so increased the risk to get stretch marks. Can the genes and hormones should not be affected but the other points. Studies show at least a good retirement program to prevent the unsightly stretch marks or blocks.

The skin, especially on the belly, must comply with the growing space of the unborn child and stretch. Certain hormones ensure that loosen up the collagen and elastin fibers in the supporting tissues. The skin is too dry and ungeschmeidig, stretch marks are created. The skin tissue is been overstretched and after about six months after birth, the stretch marks begin to fade. After years to leave a scar-like, silver stripes.

The danger, however, is with the birth of the child not over: also still stretch marks may occur in the regression of the over-stretched skin. For this reason, the prevention program throughout the pregnancy and up to three months after childbirth is advisable.

Avoid stretch marks

A balanced diet with an adequate fluid intake as a result brings the advantage, to prevent stretch marks in addition to the general well-being and the health of pregnant women and the unborn child. Provides the skin with nutrients and water, what makes them more resilient and better equipped against the strain.

With a few easy-to-use massage techniques to get stretch marks, the risk can be reduced considerably. Start at the latest in the 3rd month of pregnancy with a regular maintenance program for Breasts, belly, butt and thighs. The delicate skin in these areas must be protected from drought, who is noticeable mostly by itching, first signs of stretch marks.

Already in puberty, young women can massage regularly these bodies, which has a positive effect on later pregnancies and helps prevent stretch marks. See for plus size maternity fashion.

Massage against stretch marks

At least in the morning and before going to bed in the evening massage oil gently into the skin. After showering, you achieve the best effect: just blot the skin and give the oil on the still damp skin. The resulting emulsion is perfectly absorbed by the warm skin and recycled.

For the massage, begin the belly, where often the biggest stretch marks occur: first circle with your finger spraying on the well-oiled skin of the bottom and the sides down to the navel. In the next step, the grasping massage, you start at the navel: take the skin between your thumb and index finger. Now, pick and roll the skin back and forth. In doing so, loosen it from the abdominal muscles and working against the stretch marks. If the plucking massage hurts you or should be uncomfortable, the places with the palms of the hands in a circular motion massage with gentle pressure. Now, continue with always towards the heart should be massaged by a firm massage of thighs and buttocks.

Should you tend to premature labor, consult their doctor how you can best make your prevention of stretch marks.

The choice of oil

Besides the regularity, also the choice of the right care product is crucial for the massage against the appearance of stretch marks. Oils are generally better than creams. You are much more quickly absorbed by the skin and counteract the stretch marks, already, if the effect of the massage.

There are special maternity care oils, which are manufactured on the needs of the highly stressed skin in pharmacies and drugstores. Many are manufactured on plant-based (often Sesame or almond oil), which are generally very well tolerated. Various natural additives increase the impact against stretch marks. For example A vitamin often and E which protect against free radicals and are responsible for the skin’s repair mechanisms. Already damaged skin cells can be stimulated to heal again. Some oils against stretch marks include aroma essences that spread a pleasant scent when you rub it. Let your nose Guide to decide what they like.

Effect not only against stretch marks

Many couples use the prevention of stretch marks as time spent together. While the oil is being added and kneading – as pampering for the partner or as a community exercise – they exchange views and establish the connection with the unborn. Together they look forward to the baby, that they will meet soon. Thus, the massage and the pampering get still an emotional component, which makes it all the more important and more exciting waiting for the new family member.