Stone House With Minimalist Interior Design

The task of this project was very clear: “rustic exterior with modern interior”. As a result, today, in the center of a small population of the Baix Empordà, lies this stone house with minimalist interior design.

It is not the first time that I receive a request like this.

There are three types of customers or, better said, styles that fit in perfectly with this type of town houses inside.




To my love playing to mix a little bit of everything as you can see in my house.

Tear Down To Build, Start From Zero…

In the case of this House, the client was very clear. Wanted a stone house while respecting the environment and the history of the population, but he longed to have a modern, functional and cosy interior as described in simple decoration.

The State of the House prevented rehabilitation, so it had to demolish the existing and start from scratch.

Can you imagine that when the idea is to buy for reform, the level of intervention always depends on State of housing. And in this case it has been a full-fledged construction. The owner was aware that it was buying the location of housing, not the House itself.

This great task has been commissioned the study of architecture ABarq.

They have given shape to your wishes and needs, creating a housing according to the population of medieval style that respects all regulations imposed by the Department of culture for these cases.

An Interior Full Of Intentions

My speech begins when choosing materials, finishes and help project the interior lighting for this great project. And ends with the choice of furniture, textiles, decoration and works of art.

When you choose a stone house with minimalist interior design you can find yourself with a dilemma:

You like this style because you see it in magazines and other publications on design and decoration.But something very different is living in a space as well.

Soon the client begins to realize that seems a cold space, but does not want to give up the sense of order and amplitude that offers such style. Therefore my proposal is as follows:

Keep the concept but using natural materials that provide warmth.

Mixture of styles of furniture.

Few decorative elements.

Strokes that evoke the rural nature of the environment.

Ultimately the owner has chosen to retreat to this area for its rural charm, quiet lifestyle and ancient aesthetics.

Storage space in kitchen, living room and bedrooms is determined by large wardrobes made-to-measure lacquered in white. In this way they are integrated in the different spaces unnoticed.

This gives the opportunity to the rest of the furnishings become the major players in the scene.