Stephanie Hornig: The Camping Design

Stephanie Hornig is a young Austrian designers formed at the University of Berlin; after a period of collaboration with Patricia Urquiola in Milan he moved to London, where he currently works.

Minimalism and attention to detail characterize his work: elements of the design Camp are characterized by clean lines and functional forms and revise classical aesthetics of simple everyday objects through a personal use of color.
The series is composed of the typical elements of camping furniture but redesigned to be placed indoors. A coffee table whose plan rests on a base by umbrellas, the kind of water are filled to provide stability, a sleeping-bag sofa, a library “accordion” as defined by the same Stephanie, extendable and tiltable, the chair Fox disassembled into various elements up to the maximum simplification and a stone electrical outlet that is also a lamp.

Everything tends to functionalism, but a look a bit ‘vintage and the choice of colors soften the look of the furniture and accessories.

The idea to design a series of furniture from camp came to Stephanie Hornig by the fact of having lived often on the road, an experience of contemporary nomadism comparing with the camp: a design born from the feeling of loss of the new jobs and nostalgia the comforts of home.