Sports Direct Squash Goggles

Squash glasses provide eye protection during sports squash. A squash ball is flying at full speed in an eye can cause unpleasant and painful eye injuries. These types of injuries can sometimes be permanent. Wearing special glasses, in most cases no obligation for the Dutch and Belgian squash courts. Only youth up to age 21 have rules here. When you need a special squash goggles? It is wise to always wear safety glasses when squash? Where can you squash goggles buy and what brands available on the market? What are you looking for when buying a pair of glasses?

Why a squash goggles?

Even though squash is all kinds of nasty injuries in anticipation. In fact, it is a very intense and fast sport where your answer is important. If you miss a ball with your racket has it, losing the point, often significant. But when the ball comes into the eye at high speed, this can lead to, and sometimes permanent, eye and nasal complaints. Squash glasses you wear for their own safety. In this way you can avoid permanent damage to the eyes and nose. When constrictions wear, anno 2015, most athletes no special glasses. The people who make this wear often had an unpleasant experience with a squash ball in the eye. Be smart and always wear safety goggles squash!

When protection is required?

In the Netherlands, it is only in squash at the youth category must wear safety glasses during official matches. These are players to age 21. Many compounds do not pay attention to players who just play a game of squash come and be under the age of 21. It is therefore not obliged to wear special protection outside the games. Some squash clubs, but requires each Member to wear glasses, but these are in the year 2015, very rare.

What are you looking for when you buy a squash goggles?

If you have chosen to wear goggles while playing racquetball, or whether it is obligatory for you, it is useful to think in advance what you want to buy exactly. It found some species eyewear on the market which are not made specifically for squash. These offers in most cases do not have the right protection. Prefer to buy a real squash goggles and beware when buying on the following questions:
The shape of the glasses
While the squash you will sweat a lot. This often occurs when the sweat furnace. The possibility exists that moisture can get into the eyes. A good squash glasses are designed so that the sweat does not reach the eyes. Also adjust the legs of the slides easily.
The standard lens in a squash glasses are often enough for most athletes. They play just a regular squash court. But you go playing League squash and so on several types of jobs, it is advisable that you can easily replace the lenses. A professional racquetball eyewear features three types of lenses: normal, amber and dark. The yellow color is ideal for glass squash courts and less enlightened. The dark lens is suitable for very light courts and racquetball courts as travelling in nature/the Sun.
Glasses can slip during fast squash head. Because you sweat a lot in this sport. Squash glasses must therefore have a strap that allows you to bind the seat properly. This band is also easy to replace.
The lens in the glasses is not easily scratched or misting up quickly. If this happens, you can forget the ball easily. Something that should not happen during a match.

Brands squash goggles

In the Netherlands and Belgium, you can simple glasses for squash buy several shapes, sizes and brands.You can buy a better sports shops, but also at many online stores. The following brands are best known:

  • Dunlop
  • Prince
  • Tecnifibre
  • Titan
  • Wilson