Sports Bra Advice

I opt for fitness

This fitness you will pass by the fitness? No worries, at Lemon Curve we have a wide range of sports lingerie that will meet your needs.

For a level “takeover”, we recommend the beautiful white bra of the Shock Absorber brand, for a “relaxing sport.” designed Designated to be total incognito under clothing, it is very sober and chic. Without reinforcements, he brings a regular maintenance and comfort. Its particularity? It is equipped with a lining gel at the level of the borders of the BRA in the back and on the shoulder straps, bringing a touch of comfort and more… Ideal for a gentle recovery!

For those who already have an experienced level, our expert team advise you to opt for the BRA Hot Crop Top, Berlei sports brand, ideal for fitness classes and gym classroom sessions. Its innovative fiber NILIT Breeze, regulates the temperature of the body during the exercises. The straps form a racerback, for even more comfortable support. The hulls of the cups are removable, which makes this bra perfectly adapted to the movements of dance, aerobics, just like yoga or throw.

Go for boxing!

For you this year is rather combat sports? No problem, we have also the lingerie outfits dedicated in Itypeauto! Discover the superb Shock Absober bra specially designed for sports in fluid movements such as the la boxing, self-defense or karate. As a jacket, round back is strengthened and the depth of the cups is specially designed. The straps form a racerback, now perfectly chest and bringing a true lightness of movement.

I play with a ball

Finally, if you prefer attack this year with a ball sport, we have selected an outfit perfectly dedicated: discover the beautiful sports from Berlei sports, wire-free bra no! Its ultra-sonic technology allows to amortize the rebounds of the chest during the jumps. While Lycra Fresh Fx, the material allows to release all the moisture quickly, leaving your perfect bra under your clothes. And trust issue, you should know that this model won the bronze medal of the English magazine Running in 2012 and 2013.

And for you coach in your recovery, here are 3 tips the team Lemon detox:

Tip # 1: I condones

Yes at the end of the year, we did splurge, we took some calories… but it is still far from the 15 pounds! A small (large) gap at the end of the year did not hurt anyone. So we relax, these nice little appeared pounds, go as fast they came!

Tip No. 2: I eliminate

Go for the big clearance operation, it separates from the toxins and waste from the hearty meal at the end of the year! We opt for a healthier meal, vegetables and fruit and avoid the cream, sweets and all other fat products. Finally, we put everything on the soup, broths, teas or herbal teas… the allies ‘detox’ for a fitness.

Tip No. 3: I go in for sports

Yes, because it is fine to choose sports lingerie, still should it be! Then to motivate themselves, let’s go to the gym with your friends! And the days of great motivation, to think about the dream body you will have on the beaches of this summer. And for a day ‘off’, we try to get some fresh air, to walk half an hour. And above all, drink water!