Splitwise, an Effective Way of Reckoning in Shared-Cost

A very effective way to lose friendship with people is the leave or borrow money, because very likely there will be a form that someone remind you something that you left and you what you paid and at the end you decide not to see you never more. It is also an extremely delicate situation when you live in a shared House and have to have accounts to pay the debts of each.

From my own experience, the best thing in these cases is go pointing the expenses and pay them off every month or two with the part that touches everyone. But luckily there are applications that enable us to solve these problems from the comfort of our tablet or smartphone, and Splitwise It is a very prominent case that will help us to place order with outstanding accounts.

Splitwise is a service web with a smartphone app, not so complete, but very useful. To use it simply, we need to create a group of people who share expenses, such as a group of friends or a House. Then go by introducing different invoices with an amount, date, category, and finally how much must be provided by each, and can add notes or even a photo to prove that it has paid that.

According to pass the time is going by adding concepts, that if a Bill here, than if a purchase there until that plays to pay and settle accounts. The program will indicate us what each one must or if they owe you and with a button we can settle our accounts. Now just to pay who touch him and thus there will be nobody who take advantage of no one.

Splitwise Version 2.5.8

  • Version of Android: Since 2.2
  • Developer: Splitwise
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: free
  • Category: Finance