Spiderman Night Lights

Mr Moyen is fan of superheroes and Star Wars. Hum I wonder where he got it? But what T-shirt is what I’m wearing today? Ah yes, the head of a mouahahhaa Stroomtrooper!

Like many child, Mr Moyen had a nightlight that he liked very much, but the flaw came from the connection between the light and the tip of the charger. After some use casing/desemboitage it was possible to turn the little elephant, sigh for him!

And at that time came the miracle (music movie TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!), Phillips sent me an email to introduce me to his latest in night light for children’s rooms, but especially those of little boys Spider-Man fan.What falls to peak at the views of the Nice Spider man Stickers adorning the walls of his room.

There were two separate uses that have caught my attention and as Phillips is nice, I ais received for test, to the great joy of Mr Moyen (and super thanks to Phillips from)!

The wall projection Philips & SpiderMan night light

The magic of this night light projector Spiderman of Philips and Marvel amaze your son. Turn one of the wheels to project of amusing scenes of Spiderman to the ceiling, or turn on the night light located below.

This lamp Philips and Marvel is provided with 3 wheels, each containing 8 different images, to stimulate your child’s imagination.

For more details, the product Phillips!

The night light Philips & SpiderMan

This Philips/Marvel Spiderman night light diffuses a reassuring light with a fun print of your little boy’s favorite hero. Runs on batteries to be placed anywhere.

A motion detector is included to reassure your child at night. When the sensor detects a movement, the light turns on automatically.

For more details, the product Phillips!

Impressions of Mr. Moyen and dad Blogueur

Then nothing that already the super smile which is posted on his face made me many happy. But then he locked himself in the bathroom (if if to make black) and test the nightlights SpiderMan! There’s fa llu flush it out of there for assouvrir some pressing needs of Miss small, and the grand also brought some interest. He speaks even to test his own records of a devices similar (Star projector), there is no test here.

But the ultimate is the evening, as night light wall (is not wall at home, just placed on the bedside table, I’m too lazy to put the nail right! mdr), is used especially when it is active by close movement, but the other one is HOUAAAA!

Every night, when it’s DAD that the layer, we play to select drawing Spiderman projected on the ceiling, among the three provided records that will accompany him throughout the night during. Sometimes he asks the night light mode, it changes.

Only negative for my taste, it’s cell, but in this case… I get out my super set of rechargeable batteries (and need for 3 children, huh!).