SPFW, Day 4: The Cuba Of Patricia Viera, The Asymmetry Of Gloria Coelho And Rocker Cangaceira Helo Rock

The penultimate day of parades of the São Paulo Fashion Week gave prominence to beachwear and sets for them. But the line-up still reserved the beautiful performances of Gloria Coelho and Patricia Viera, who opened the day, and the beautiful parade of Helo rock, which ended the marathon Thursday with your cangaço fashion.


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Snapsave: A Newsletter With The Best Of The Fourth Day Of Parades

Cuban Blood Patricia Viera

Patricia Viera was scheduled to travel to Africa – and possibly also into your new collection – when he broke his foot and had to clear. What would be a nasty accident ended up yielding to the stylist a dip in your own workshop, where he rediscovered ancient patchwork that guarded and had the snap: would the exuberant Cuba destination fashion your summer 2017.

The effervescent Latin and unafraid to be Patricia came to life in sensual skin of two models, which circulated among guests and the exhibits in the House of Mary Alice Somilene, who hosted the presentation of the stylist this time – breaking the tradition of parading at the Faculty of fine arts, which would be the place chosen by Gloria Rabbit following. In hangers, pieces like the spaghetti strap dress in all laser cut leather in a beautiful reproduction of French lace. Skirts rounds in length MIDI and long win prints resembling flowers and foliage, while jackets in model perfecto signed by artist has Klaucia B.

The Sides Never Equal Of Gloria Coelho

Asymmetry, disproportion. Deconstruction. That’s how Gloria Coelho describes itself in the release the collection that would on the catwalk after the fast chat with reporters before the show starts. The Auditorium of the College of fine arts, which was seen on stage (Yes!) was the new Miss Gloria: a jet setter rich girl who, of course, surrenders to fashion, but preserves a touch of defiance. She vacations in the Mediterranean, but wear sneakers with alfaiaria and flirts with punk. Like Gloria, not afraid to seem contradictory – not least because, in the background, who isn’t?

The Asymmetric Sea Garden is an immersion in unequal sides, but not so much in terms of lost harmony. Architecture, always present in the references of the stylist, is reflected in the changing face of skirts and dresses. There’s also leather, one of the materials that is right in the presence. In the color palette, the off white, Navy, red and grey.

The Amazon Of Coconut Water

To open the day with more beachwear this edition – on Thursday, cross the footbridge still Salinas and Amir Slama, Liana Thomaz led us straight to the Amazon. A straw hollow assembled in the living room fashion shows, models like the top Carol Ribeiro go out to reveal the re-reading of our Rainforest: colorful, exuberant.

Rich references as flora and fauna region already seen print to the swimsuit with babadão running through the piece and high-waisted shorts with tailoring footprint. But the swimwear of Liana transcends the sand, with spaghetti straps and the long top + pants, who make the presence of a Macaw embroidered (attention to texture!). The deep neckline for swimsuits, which was seen a few times this season (trend alert!) comes up again with Isabeli Fontana. For those who want a little less daring by the pool, multicolor hotpants.

John Pepper

Well before the non-genre turn almost term applicant in brazilian fashion, the miner John Pepper in pieces that I thought desobrigassem any label – they could be shaped to the body, which is not impossible that they dress too. And, well, if we rely on the collection presented on Thursday, it is quite possible that the female clientele increases. Not only the silhouette more selected, or the oversized shorts that, at a quick glance, seem to come out. Is one of the rare cases where the agender generates, in fact, desire in both men and women.

For the 2017 summer, John elected “order” as a keyword of the time-and this translates into pieces that resemble uniform, the “universal” Garb, regardless of sex. Is the dialogue with the military outfit that soon translates the jackets, who play with the mixture of stripes or become even more rich with embroidery. Ephemeral and timeless, they make perfect sense with the sustainable look that the designer come from taking over.

The Miami Tropical Salinas

All tropical characteristics Miami pop landed on the runway of Salinas, the second designer beachwear this farm in SPFW. In style all at the same time now – just like the city, you can blend art deco and murals, the high tech and nature.

Inspired by sport, multicolor models and prints that don’t repeat has an air of beach chic. Think of swimsuits, tops that seem to have come out of the Academy, nylon jaquetinhas for when it hits the draft. The stars exaggerated, laser cut.

The Street Luxurious Murilo Lomas

For your debut in Brazilian soil – and also in the line-up of the São Paulo Fashion Week- Murilo Lomas brought together a team captained by the tops of Santa Catarina Marlon Teixeira, besides Mateus Verdelho and Evandro Soldati. Graduated in architecture, the designer could not have another inspiration than the lines and shapes with contemporary footprint.

The man who wears it is unpretentious and Murilo relax, but does not dispense a certain amount of sophistication. The result are uncomplicated pieces, ranging from streetwear to luxury social, with a beautiful white linen suit. Think of leather jackets fleeing the obvious, silk shirts with prints of art deco scarves. Eye also on the feet of guapos, with sneakers now, now with embroidered leather pendants.

Retro Carnival Amir Slama

Eight years later, Amir Slama returns to the catwalk of the SPFW-this time, with your brand. Creative Director of Rosa Cha by 17-year-old brand that became synonymous with beachwear with ares of brazilianness, the stylist already relaunch with two performances in sequence.

First it was the turn of women’s collection, who rescued the lightness and the relaxation of the Street Carnival in the 1930 and 1940. Amir idealized a Brigitte Bardot, who wears panties micro with fringes, and busts that resemble tops in bright colors and prints such as floral. For them, the fitness universe enters the beach with swimwear dug and regattas, in materials like neoprene, jersey with spandex, silk and twill.

The Helo Rock Candy Cangaceira

The cangaço may even have been inspired (various) designers in other seasons, but perhaps none with the same femininity and sweetness to the extent of Helo Rock. The earthy tones, of course, are there, like the leather tops with details richly cut laser, and pants in leather with mood. But, here, the pantone pastel reina, with the pink and blue (quartz and serenity?) pale.

The Maria Bonita of Helo is delicate and mix as no one tacks and silk, that appears full of movement in soltinhas pants. Sighing the oversized jackets in bomber model, which brings the Brown soils of the hinterland and the metallic in applications. Miniskirts appear, but also dresses that give the impression that the cangaceira rocker will float on the catwalk. Notice the feet: the sandals with patched and fringed should stay in the lists of the season shoes. And the body chain, huh? When it seemed that he had left once more cool productions, the current thin version appears to give bossa to knob parts.

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