SPFW, Day 3: The Journey Of Alice In Time For Isabela Capeto And Relaunch Of Herchcovitch In À La Garçonne

The third day of parades of the São Paulo Fashion Week began with anticipation beyond the usual. At 6:00 pm (which, in the end, turned out to be more than 7:30 pm), the fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch would relaunch your fashion week, after leaving the homonymous designer who ran for 23 years – now takes the creative direction of the La Garçonne, label of the husband, Fabio Souza. But the line-up even reserved good surprises as the promising Vitorino Campos, the always sweet Isabela Capeto and sophisticated Lenny Niemeyer.


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Snapsave: A Newsletter With The Best Of Day 3 Of The SPFW

The Genderless Of Vitorino Campos

Is the momentum and, perhaps, that dose of freedom that you don’t know where it comes from, that charmed Vitorino Campos when he saw the work “leap into the void”, the French photographer Yves Klein. But, at least when it comes to summer 2017 of designer baiano, the jump appears to have fallen into certain destination: the genderless, who earns 90 ‘s touches and, again, futurists.

At least this season, Vitorino put your fashion essentially night to look back to what you use every day and that means, of course, on the basic denim, which appeared in large-sized modeling pants only, adjusted to waist with alfinetão of safety – and that could quietly dressed boys or girls. In fact, what’s seen on the catwalk was the absorption of international trend, proposing merge male and female collections in the same parade. In addition to jeans, which is still protagonist in oversized jackets in Pale wash, the descontruídas shirts (which became tops!) and Turtleneck dress with holographic glitter. Accessories are another strong point of the collection, with the charming thermal lunch box style pouches baptized of pupil, one of the items in the partnership of Vitorino with Melissa.

The Self-Reference Of Reinaldo Lourenco

No trip, fine arts or something that’s worth: this time, Reinaldo Lourenço went to get on your own path to inspiration for your summer 2017. “I looked too for my own work and did an evolution of things I had done. The designer must have a technique, one needs to look and know you’re Reinaldo. I don’t want to change each collection. The most important thing today is to have DNA, “sums up the designer backstage, moments before the first model came on the scene.

When the runway lights went up, what he saw on his face was almost an evolution of winter of Reinaldo, with the stripes last season turning into folds. Registered trademark of designer, straight lines are constant throughout the collection – and work to break any possible monotony of stripes on dresses in MIDI length. About prints, Reinaldo opened space between your artwork for what it calls pop couture, with colorful poás – but still, finely calibrated distributed.

The Clocks That Never Stop Isabela Capeto

As soon as the first model crosses the runway, it’s almost impossible not to celebrate with sighs of 1000 Isabela Capet to the line-up of SPFW. After skipping the last edition, the stylist from Rio de Janeiro plunged into the universe of one of his favorite characters, “Alice through the looking glass”, who makes release in theaters in May. It’s just the passage of time that has guided Isa: after all, because the clock care so much for us? The discussion goes beyond, and even in the time it takes to produce a collection and as a play, in fact, lasts in the closet – this struggle fast x slow fashion, you know?

It is precisely this timelessness that Isabela brings in rich dresses in detail, how the applications of organza flowers or embroidery on tulle. For someone who loves a reference literal, the hearts of the Queen of hearts prints a beautiful set of pants and casaqueto. And what is the jacket with flowers castings on the sleeves, full of applications? Feminine, delicate and timeless: of those pieces to keep forever in the closet.

The Cool Travel Bag Of IÓDice

What would you use to spend a month on vacation with the Kennedy family on the Amalfi coast, in the years 1960. Because that was the issue that didn’t come out of the head of Valdemar Iódice after flipped through Happy Times, a book that brings together memories like that of Lee Radziwill, the sister of Jackie o.

The answer? Let go of everything that is right. What is not easy, unpretentious, or giving the impression that you spent hours in front of the mirror – everything what we least want us days off. For this, the designer proposes loose and fluid shapes, like the dashiki and kimonos with stamping signed by Albino Pope. To the sewing shop WINS ares damners, deconstructed, away from the body. The color palette has everything to do with any heavenly scenario: off-white, sand and light blue, with touches of gold and grape.

The Geisha Of Lenny Niemeyer

Sophisticated, cool, cool: this is summer of Lenny Niemeyer, which exceeds the limits of the sand and offers news in addition to beachwear. Inspired by ancient Japanese culture, the stylist does your re-reading and tropical folkie to geishas.

Fresh pieces like kimono, ideal for getting out of the pool towards the happy hour, earn prints of tigers, herons, Koi and flowers. Decotadíssimos, Swimsuits win matelasse finish and also moorings in shibari art inspiradadas, with ropes. She again here: the pantacourt appears with enough strength and promises to be one of the must-have summer yet.

The Vintage Of The Brand New À La Garçonne

In one of the most anticipated shows of the season, Alexandre Herchcovitch returns to the walkways in front of creative command of the Bobbed, the brand of the husband and business partner Fábio Souza. The expectation comes from the designer announced your departure of Herchcovitch; Alexander, with 23 years of history. But, well, it seems that he likes history: no wonder panned parts around the world and in your own collection, which won a sustainable footprint for the label.

Merging the streetwear, vintage and new luxury concept with touches of Haute Couture, the collection couldn’t have more the man of the hour that fashion lives. Perfecto jackets, for example, were painted by hand – as well as the military backpack and leather case. The attention to detail is reflected also in the always impeccable tailoring of Alexander, which appears still more feminine in current bland (with pantacourt in place pants!), that don’t leave anything due to Yankee collections of couture. Among the pieces created from scratch, special attention to the jacket that blends sporty neoprene the delicacy of lace and straight leather jumpsuit. Love the part with the dresses in silk chiffon: loose, light and that appear to have almost proper motion on the catwalk.

The Party Of Samuel Cirnansck

Samuel Cirnansck is one of those who isn’t afraid to be maximal-and this feature stands out even more when it comes to fashion party. Far from over, and even more simple, the Designer makes dresses for who wants to live your day of Princess – be it at a wedding or a party. When your inspiration are the baroque churches, as the collection presented Wednesday here in the SPFW, don’t expect anything less sighs.

With a certain touch of fetishism (a model crossed the catwalk with my hands tied behind my back), Samuel still thanks to chains and padlocks, used both at the waist as accessories. Adjusted to the silhouette, the dresses have won 1000 brocades and embroidery, including traditional flowers, always requested by customers. Traditional brides were also there, and dress

The Summer Triya

If you depend on Triya, summer 2017 will be nothing less than solar. Bright and fresh, the parade shows the bets of swimwear designer for the season is guided by the French word “feminité” – which has no literal translation in Portuguese, but, for the wise, is enough to understand that this is to emphasize the essence of femininity.

Sexy woman Triya not afraid to dare in deep indentations and bikini panties cavadíssimas, entitled to the strappy in place the side handle. While in bikinis what stands out is the strapless, one-piece suits have options with halter and bust more closed, to that party by the pool in an atmosphere more chic. For those who want to show less, the hotpants do not leave the sand anytime soon (thankfully!). The color chart emphasizes the yellow and blue, which refer to the Sun and sky-the colors, by the way, are repeated in the stamping with ethnic footprint.

Ellus 2nd Floor

Straight from Gotham City in 1966, where the bat man lived the adventures of Batman Classic TV Series, the Ellus landed in SPFW to present your summer. But nothing literal, yet they are there the prints of the Joker and Batman himself, who also becomes one of the scholarships that must disappear from the macaws. The proposal, explains the designer Thiago Marcon, is to unite elements of our daily lives with the vintage television series.

As expected, the color palette is dominated by black, but there is room to ashes and dark tones, with touches of yellow and red. The silhouette of time is slightly structured, with jackets in the knees, as jackets with patches and jaquetinhas. In the press room, in addition to the bat man in a version almost emoji, graffiti signed by the artist Tico Cannato

What’s Next For

Thursday (28/04)

-Patricia Viera-10:00

-Gloria Coelho-11:30

-Água de Coco by Liana Thomaz-3:30 pm

– John Pepper-5:00 pm

-Salinas-6:00 pm

-Murilo Lomas-7:00 pm

-Amir Slama-8:00 pm

-Helo Rocha-9:00 pm

Friday (29/04)

-Lino Villaventura-11:00

-Wagner Kallieno-3:00 pm

-GIG Couture-4:30 pm

-Ratier-5:30 pm

-Cotton Project-6:30 pm

-Ellus-8:00 pm