SPFW, Day 2: The Desert Island Of Osklen, Brasilidade Of Patbo And The Buy Now From Karl Lagerfeld To Riachuelo

In one of the busiest days of this edition of the São Paulo Fashion Week, the marathon of parades started in the morning with presentations that have escaped from the obvious. While the Osklen dismissed models and showed the news direct from an armed display in a store brand in Vila Madalena, the Riachuelo transformed the catwalk in shopping, putting up for sale the parts collection on the runway recently signed by Karl Lagerfeld.


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The Deserted Island Of Osklen

Instead of queued models on the catwalk, this time the Osklen changed the traditional parade by a presentation direct from your store in Vila Madalena, São Paulo, in a sort of exhibition where you could see and touch everything going to wear next season. To “Monbupurih”, Oskar Metsavaht and your creative team considered a cosmopolitan couple that swaps the asphalt for a paradisiacal scenery.

What you see are prints in 1000 pieces that focus on loose silhouettes as dresses caftãn style, that seem to come out of the sand straight for a beach party. The profusion of colours bangalore also appears in tissues, which can make the times Beach output or, if you have creativity, into a top singles. In fabrics such as linen and silk, the printing appears deconstructed and ares in beautiful tropical shirts. Revisited, the neoprene wins new status with crystals in hotpants and even in detail on handle of shirts.


What would you choose to vacation in paradisiacal destinations like Thailand? It’s just your suitcase woman stripped, but not give up the glamour, that Paula Hermanny idealized in the collection of the Vix.

For swimwear, hotpants with leaked details and tops covering my lap. Those who prefer swimsuits may like the models in front only, with side cutouts or decotões. Worth a peek free overalls also in warm colours, ideal for giving paints at that party at the end of the holiday.

Lolitta Colors

Lolita Hannud already gave clues that this time would be different for the structure of the parade: rather than go straight from backstage, the models emerged on the catwalk by the opposite side, starting the catwalk right from the pit of photographers. And, on the first look, what you saw was that the brand, though young, has been maturing.

Inspired by a study on the colors – assessing, for example, the sensations that they cause, the designer has renewed your handiwork, so characteristic for tricôs. The vest, for example, appeared in a new and more elongated version, played over a skirt + top. Speaking of skirt, the length of them too: the silhouette of the MIDI, chosen also for raffia dresses entreamada. Favorite print of the time, the graphics of Lolitta are the work of artist Marcelo Cipis: is when as yellow neons tones, pink and Orange are in balance. Highlights also include the fringes, that function as both finish in thin version, which gives how much movement in straight tracks that overlap.

Adriana Degreas Tropical Geishas

The luxury swimwear signed by Adriana Degreas mixed glamour of France to Eastern spice to speak of French Indochine, territory that was dominated by the French until the IDEs of years 1940. But to stop at time the collection has nothing: sea urchins are applied in transparent tops, in addition to shells that overlaps parts. Again he: the ruffle here appears in pieces of silk, that blend the holographic technology fabrics.

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The Aloha Of A. Brand

A Macaw at the ABrand Animale taken on a life of its own and became one of the group names Sum, which still has brands such as the Farm. Now, shows that in fact has its own face in a parade full of character, which marks the debut of the label on the catwalk of SPFW.

And it was far away, in delicious vacation in Hawaii, the stylist Ana Claudia Days sought inspiration. “I got elements such as the tropical foliage and the Hibiscus and applied not only in print but also in the cut of the leather,” he says, straight from backstage. Besides the tropical landscapes that rescues stamping typical of surfers, there’s even room for a Hawaiian, I don’t mind dancing with herself to give life to Pottery Barn. Once again this season, won Pajamas new version, fluffy and ready to face the day. Accessories like the fun bags shaped like ice cream and gave even more fishy guy on vacation not to forget to the collection.

California’s 70 Cavage

Who also traveled to seek inspiration was Juliana Jabour -in the case of the stylist, the dip was in California the years 1970 through the documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys-where it all began (2001), which recalls the history of skateboarding at the time. With a color chart, but not as sugary sweet as well, Ju plays with the sportswear back to their universe, but without falling into the trap of creating fantasies or sound too girlie.

What you see are sporting jackets, which come to life thanks to the geometric stamping and coloring, which fall well with bermudinhas, both short as knee length-sk8r girl more, impossible. The ruffle around the guys in skirts and also in a long metallic for the night, which won the company a recess calling him Jacques strap in the style high school. Feet, the bicolor – p & b flatforms and also white and nude-who continue to firm up as the time. To be (always) eye: how about the jackets of stars and the leather enclosing the parade, registered trademark of Juliana?

The Brazilian Way Of Patbo

To give a breath of optimism in the delicate economic and political moment that Brazil is, Patricia Bonaldi proposed a collection inspired by the natural beauty we see around here. The challenge was to bring the Green and yellow colors of the national flag, as protagonists of the cartouche, but without falling into obvious – and just take a peek at the gallery below to see that it worked.

The rich and varied flora appears as the protagonist of dresses, ranging from MIDI over. To counteract skirts, Varsity-style jacket rounds, mixing the tropical foliage with applications in one of the coolest parts of the collection. Highlights also include the top embroidered with verses of music Underwater, Maria Bethânia. “Without falling into cliché.

The Buy Now From Karl To Riachuelo

After join the Versace, the fast fashion Riachuelo celebrates on the catwalk of FASHION WEEK one of the partnerships that already are among the coolest of the year – with none other than Karl Lagerfeld, the kaiser that commands the maisons Chanel and Fendi. Essentially in black & white, the collection is repeated in references to the universe of designer-from your own profile to the inseparable black glasses, which saw print in t-shirts. The tweed, Chanel symbol, give the guys in the double casaqueto, which refers + miniskirt of the French fashion house guy. Kitty Choupette is also over there in a maximum purse, which already ranks among the favorite items to the public.

At the end of the parade, the top Isabeli Fontana shuts down the catwalk giving way on the catwalk macaws with the pieces from the collection-perfect ode to the concept see now, buy now, which also appears on the essence of this issue of SPFW. Fashionistas on duty took the opportunity to have first hand with more than 70 items from the Karl line to Riachuelo, which arrives in stores from this Wednesday.

What’s Next For

Wednesday (27/04)

-Vitorino Campos-10:00

-Reinaldo Lourenço – 12:00

-Isabela Capeto-3:00 pm

-Iódice-4:00 pm

-Lenny Niemeyer-5:00 pm

-The Bobbed-6:00 pm

-Samuel Cirnansck-7:00 pm

-Triya-8:00 pm

-Ellus 2nd Floor-9:00 pm

Thursday (28/04)

-Gloria Coelho-12:00

-Água de Coco by Liana Thomaz-3:30 pm

– John Pepper-5:00 pm

-Salinas-6:00 pm

-Murilo Lomas-7:00 pm

-Amir Slama-8:00 pm

-Helo Rocha-9:00 pm

Friday (29/04)

-Lino Villaventura-11:00

-Esther Bauman-Acquastudio-12:00

-Wagner Kallieno-3:00 pm

-GIG Couture-4:30 pm

-Ratier-5:30 pm

-Cotton Project-6:30 pm

-Ellus-8:00 pm