SPFW, Day 1: The Magic Of Apartment 03, Sport A Chic And Refugees By Ronaldo Fraga

Full of brands rookies (one already in this first official day) and, now, without nomenclatures based on seasons, the São Paulo Fashion Week gave the start for one more season sets on Monday. The parades began at 5:00 pm, with a review of hinterland by Lilly Sarti, the cosmopolitan day had the brands A, Amabilis and 03 Apartment, and ended with the exciting presentation of Miner Ronaldo Fraga, who brought the refugee crisis as inspiration.


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Snapsave: A Newsletter With The Best Of Day 1 Of The SPFW

The Hinterland Of Lilly Sarti

Was there of the hinterland that Lilly and Renata Sarti sought elements to guide the collection of your brand, which opened the first day of official parades of SPFW. And already in the name the designer delivers what might be the common point of the looks presented: in liquid Backcountry predominance is fluidity. In the first part of the parade, the off-white took over in plays like a blouse in ribbed knit, light and asymmetric skirt combined.

As the theme of the collection, the earthy tones appeared on light dresses – that contrasted with serpents wrapped around his neck. In closing, options of dresses for the night you see a game of transparencies, alternating with the woodblock prints, signed by the artist Pernambuco Janae S.n.

The Sport A Glam By Raquel Davidowicz

With your feet on the ground, (almost) literally: this is how Raquel Davidowicz celebrates 20 years of the existence of your brand, who recently won the store in New York. Of shoes and sandals flats in almost all the compositions, tom sports collection won ar chic with the sheen of silk. Bermudinhas that appear to have landed straight from the basketball court appear combined with skins full of newspaper clippings, while gymnastics tops seen protagonists when accompanied by a shirt and pants that resemble sports shelters – but none of those models of tactel the years 1990, see?

Who also gives the guys is the infamous pantacourt, absolute highlight of last season and that follows in this autumn-winter (apparently still survives to the days of heat). Pale and earthy tones to overlap, the denim appears in overalls, dresses and playing with the proportions in most molds.

The Ocean Of Amabilis

With an Orchestra on the catwalk, the Amabilis debuted bringing the sea, Futurism y otras más cositas the SPFW. The mark of the Holy Spirit, which exists since 1998, parades for the first time in São Paulo fashion week after winning the contest Top 5, Sebrae, which pans new Brazilian talents. And made beautiful, although, occasionally, bring out the “all at the same time now”: the first few looks, space footprint in silver merged much of the volume of armed blouses.

When you come in wefts, which resemble a fisherman’s nets, is that the label shines with prints direct outputs from the seabed in fluid dresses and asymmetric-features which appeared with strength in this first day featured for the long and blue jumpsuits, that mix plots with transparency in harmony.

The Magic Of Apartment 03

Who flirts with fashion, even if just once in a while, you know well: a little bit of magic is fundamental so that everything makes sense. Was joining this pixie dust with a dose of illusion that Luiz Carlos, 03 Apartment, brought the world of magician Harry Houdini to the catwalk of SPFW.

In the opening, a fancy Pajamas that don’t seem to have been born to live in bed. Pantone choices for the year, the pink quartz and blue serenity, are in fact good team in skirts that blend the draped the ropes. Elements that appear to have gone straight from Houdini chests, such as padlocks and chains, appear oversized parts productions adorning. Until the straitjacket WINS rereading in tailoring that, of course, play with the moorings.

The “Refugees” Of Ronaldo Fraga

Only someone sensitive as Ronaldo Fraga can turn into poetry a subject so delicate and current as the refugee situation and conflict in Syria. “And what fashion has to do with that?” asks the own disclosure material of the parade. “Efficient Document to be a record of a time, fashion has different faces and forms to register a story and that forever seduce me is the political-cultural face” answers, in the sequence.

For Ronaldo, it’s the clothes that each leads to leave your country escaped from that help to start again without losing a little bit of the essence – such Re-Existence, which baptizes the collection. On the catwalk, call guy attention the braids of up to 30 cm, work of beauty artist Marcos Costa, inspired in Mozambique living in Lisbon. Is also Africa’s coming the colors and richness of references that you see, like the beautiful dresses in trouble (handmade!) and the prints that value elements of the local flora and fauna. Take also a while spying on the accessories, like the necklaces, hoop earrings and round glasses that are performed in the productions.

Straight From The Facebooklive: See How Was The Parade Of Ronaldo Fraga

What’s Next For

Tuesday (26/04)

– Paula Lane-10:00



-Lolitta-3:00 pm

-Adriana Degreas-4:00 pm

-A. Brand-5:00 pm

-Patricia Viera-6:00 pm

-Juliana Jabour-7:00 pm

-PatBo-8:00 pm

-Karl Lagerfeld is Riachuelo-9:00 pm

Wednesday (27/04)

-Vitorino Campos-10:00

-Reinaldo Lourenço – 12:00

-Isabela Capeto-3:00 pm

-Iódice-4:00 pm

-Lenny Niemeyer-5:00 pm

-The Bobbed-6:00 pm

-Samuel Cirnansck-7:00 pm

-Triya-8:00 pm

-Ellus 2nd Floor-9:00 pm

Thursday (28/04)

-Gloria Coelho-12:00

-Água de Coco by Liana Thomaz-3:30 pm

– John Pepper-5:00 pm

-Salinas-6:00 pm

-Murilo Lomas-7:00 pm

-Amir Slama-8:00 pm

-Helo Rocha-9:00 pm

Friday (29/04)

-Lino Villaventura-11:00

-Esther Bauman-Acquastudio-12:00

-Wagner Kallieno-3:00 pm

-GIG Couture-4:30 pm

-Ratier-5:30 pm

-Cotton Project-6:30 pm

-Ellus-8:00 pm