South Africa World Cup Security

Football is a big sport in the Netherlands and supporters also go to the World Cup in South Africa. But there are many things you must consider when you visit this country.How nice it is to work to watch a football game and you’re good to live in, such as actual supporters do, are not the things that you should definitely consider.

World Cup 2010

The 2010 World Cup will be held in the months of June and July in South Africa. The games will take place in different cities, namely Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit, Polokwane, Bloemfontein, Pretoria, and Rust. In total there are 10 different stadiums in which the games are played. Do you want to taste the atmosphere in several cities, the car can really offer a solution. In every city there will be plenty of opportunities to find hotels.

Security during the World Cup 2010

South Africa is known as one of the most violent countries in the world. Especially in larger cities, you’ll find a lot of crime. The Organization of the World Cup have spent at least a million euros to make things safer and prevent problems. Thus many additional resources hired the horse wandered around the cities. There will be additional security as well. South Africa takes the security of the WORLD CUP very seriously and hope that the negative image of the country will change anything. Although much is made of the organisation, it is for the fans, too wise to act in a proper and decent way in the country.
Dress supporters
It is very nice to dress in orange during the football World Cup. You sound so real that you have for your country. Well if you do it during the matches, but only in South Africa and that you?? evening somewhere to go for some drinks. It’s wise to dress normally and not to show that you are a supporter.The orange dress showing that you are a tourist and thus has enough money to go to South Africa. For most South Africans, to be seen as someone who is rich. And people with wealth are an easy target for theft.
Expensive things
If you go on the road, make sure you don’t spend too much money with you and store things like cell phones, cameras?? s, laptops, jewelry and other expensive items out of sight. Avoid this way that people see resources. In addition, it is also wise to before going to South Africa to make copies of your Passport, credit cards, and other important data.
Behavior during soccer World Cup
If you are in a city, pretend when you know how. Do not go with a floor stand, because you let this shows that you are not familiar in the country. Go nor only from. Absolutely not?? evening. Always like to stay with a group, so you are less likely.
South Africa has repeatedly announced tough measures against hooligans. Get your route, you will be arrested. It’s good to know that the judicial system in South Africa is different than in the Netherlands. You are at the moment you are caught completely engineered to the justice system. The Dutch Embassy will be informed. Sanctions in South Africa is much higher and more stringent than in the Netherlands, and it is usually not possible to serve your sentence in your own country. The wisest course is to behave properly during the football World Cup.

Other things you need to consider

In addition to security in South Africa, there are more things to consider when you should visit the country.
Vaccinations and malaria
If you go to South Africa vaccination is not required, but are recommended. Vaccinations against the DTP and hepatitis A is recommended anyway. South Africa is in many places mosquitoes active. Drugs for preventing malaria are also sensible. Also, make sure that there is an air conditioner or malarianet is available where you live. If not, then, take this. And you always fat well with DEET. Always consult your family doctor or Health Service before leaving for South Africa. They can help you with the correct information.
Drinking water
The water in South Africa is safe to drink. Although there are cases where people have become ill after drinking the water. Do you trust the water, drinking from bottles. These can get almost anywhere.
Driving a rental car
You can rent a car anywhere in South Africa. During operation, keep the doors are always locked. In addition, it is not recommended that?? night driving outside urban areas. The roads are barely lit and runs without a lot of traffic lights.
Public transport
There is a lot of public transport in South Africa, but it is not so sure. Especially in crowded places, such as a train station, there is a chance that you robbed. In addition, not all taxis to trust and it is often better to arrange a taxi from the hotel where you are staying.
Alcohol and drugs
South Africa has different rules for alcohol and drugs than the Netherlands. Drinking alcohol in public is strictly prohibited. South Africa also has a zero-tolerance policy on drugs. There is no difference between hard and soft drugs. Smoke a joint can result in a prison sentence.
South Africa is the country with most HIV cases are known. If you have sex with a stranger, always do this with a condom. Also with regard to other fans as you do not know. You never know who they previously shared the bed. It is also an offence to use a prostitute. Most prostitutes are also infected with hiv and other sexually transmitted diseases? s. Often prostitutes are forced to do the things they do and there is rarely a prostitute.