Sony Xperia S Will Receive Direct Support from Google as If from a Nexus Is Concerned

With dozens of manufacturers who are using Android to its terminals, it is extremely difficult even for Google to be able to offer a full support and upgrades for all terminals. For the moment You can only offer it to the terminals of the Nexus range himself responsible for, and has been since the Nexus One to the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7.

But everything has changed from the overnight in the hands of Sony, one of the manufacturers that more endeavor in this market, which This dogma has changed that only the Nexus received support from Google. Jean-Baptiste Queru, project manager of AOSP (Android Open sorce Project), which has just added a new terminal to repositories so said it.

The terminal in question is of the Sony Xperia S, the flagship of this generation of terminals Xperia. But it is not only because the terminal is the only reason in which you receive a direct support of Google, but for having a bootloader that can be opened with relative ease, as well as all the supports offered to AOSP powerful.

This is the first terminal that receives this support, although it will not be with the ROM offering of Sony series, but it will offer support to the ROM’s original Android dedicated to this device, without additives by Sony.

This is a big step to make manufacturers more bet on Android, and also gives an extra reason for those willing to direct support of Google with a terminal that is not the Nexus line. However I can’t help thinking about the rumor of five terminals Nexus that assumes that they would come out in September. I do not meteré me conspiranoids topics and I shall dedicate myself to rejoice by the holders of this terminal.