Sony Lavender: New Selfie Is Smartphone

Sony with the Xperia C4 jüngt announced a Selfie Smartphone for June, apparently has an alternative model is available with the Sony Lavender. Industry insider Upleaks has published a first picture of the unannounced hardware via tweet. On his website, he reveals first specifications.

‘Another Smartphone specialized on Selfies’ means there’s the Sony Lavender – apparently an internal project name. Upleaks first published but only a picture of the Smartphones, showing an early prototype probably. Particularly striking are the almost entirely eliminated page edges of the screen. “Super narrow edge” writes Upleaks in the specifications.

13 Megapixel Front Camera?

Given the image quality of the leaks the question but, how reliable is this statement. The device seems to have been exempted little professionally with Photoshop and has jagged edges. Whether the screen is therefore already representative, or whether it is merely a canvas for more design decisions, will have to show up. The inner values seem to be set but already: so the Sony lavender with a MediaTek to processor with four cores of â 1.7 GHz be equipped and have over 2 GB RAM.

The display dissolves the leak according with full HD, where the screen diagonal is apparently still unknown. But, Upleaks specifies that the screen become bigger than that of the Xperia C4. The front camera should have 13 megapixels seem like the main camera. As an operating system Android 5.0 to use get. Pictures of the back stand so far, according to the leak experts but is similar to the HTC one M9 with a smaller camera opening. More updates to follow soon.