Social Security Launches Its Android Applications to Query Data and Ask for Previous Appointments

Public administrations are gradually approaching mobile technologies such as for example the official State Bulletin. Now it is the turn an institution with which we should be more familiar: the Social Security.

Many times we have to do some paperwork to merely consult some data as our working life or do a quick query on our employment status and quotes. These applications are designed for mobile we can make some arrangements. And Yes, I said applications because they have decided to make three applications.

Why not have chosen to make only one more unified? It escapes my understanding, but is grateful for the effort to try to make life easier. That Yes, not expect wonders, because it does not allow us to change anything by simply access information via telematics, and as much call appointment to make more intensive procedures and consultations.

On the one hand we have the app’s information, that we as see offices and news related to this organization. On the other hand we have the appointment, allowing us to create an appointment to various issues and finish the consultation of the working life, with which we can download this document in a PDF.

By the time they are very few options with the potential that it has to be able to lighten procedures in the offices. And if you get to well implement the electronic DNI? The time come that our bureaucratic procedures are made from mobile phones? Time will tell it, but it would be a great help when it comes to saving time and effort on the part of the citizens.