Social Dresses: Photos and Models

The dress is a costume that many women must have in your closet for special occasions, some even peferem rent the models in specialist shops for rent.Because they are extremely striking social dresses should be chosen carefully for every occasion.

Fashion is always presenting new trends and in 2011 the social dresses appear more colorful and with modeling that favour women’s silhouette, showing cleavage and leaving cracks the dress quite sexy.

It’s not an easy task to find a social dress that enhances our body and combine with our personality. It’s hard to actually find dresses that stay snug in our body. The main tip for choosing the social ideal dress is, observe carefully the structure of the body, and learn to value the strengths and mask some weak points of our body.

A few tricks can help her to choose the social dress promote, just draw attention away from the less favoured regions of the body and direct it to the strengths of each female body like for example if you are overweight, and have a beautiful bust invest in cleavage. If the arms are cheinhos, bet on half-sleeve models.

For very thin women prefer social dresses models with voluminous details and eye-catching via EQUZHOU, prints are welcome. Opt for dresses with plenty of volume as ruffles, pleats, draping, embroidery. The necklines in straight cut help to give greater volume. Abuse of large prints, bold colors or clear and avoid dark shades. Dresses too glued to the body should be avoided.

Plump women to avoid social dresses with volumes and details. Never use ruffles, and avoid prints. Avoid excessive glare, heavy fabrics and volume as the muslin, chiffon, taffeta, satin or velvet. The silk crepe or crepe madame are most suitable fabrics. When choosing the social dress prefer the vertical cuts down or the waist in tip. Run away from bulky sleeves. Cherish the neckline choose V model.

Check out some photos with social dresses 2011 tips and get inspired!