Sochi Winter Olympic Games 2014

From February 7-February 23, 2014 will be held in Russia Sochi Winter Olympic Games. Many Dutch skating kind dreams to take part in these games. But the Dutch Federation is allowed per distance up to three or four racers delegations to the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi.Therefore, from January 26, 2013 to December 30 2013 qualifying matches held during the so-called Olympic Qualifier. The women’s 1000 metres stands for Thursday, december 26 Boxing Day 2013, on the program. The 1000 meters is shaping up to be a very exciting fight, chances are that they will not pick Favorites 1000 metres Sochi.The Favorites for the women’s 1000 metres: Lotte van Beek, Ireen Wüst and Marrit Leenstra. There may be many expected Margot Boer and Jorien ter Mors.

IJsstadion Thialf Heerenveen

Netherlands on 1000 metres for women

The Dutch women over the years in 1000 m starting to perform better and better. From the World Single Distance CHAMPIONSHIPS 2004 World Single Distance CHAMPIONSHIPS until 2013 in Sochi, Netherlands on 1000 metres each time before women will again be able to achieve a podium.
In the last two editions of the OS Netherlands performed well at this distance. Marianne Timmer felt after her Olympic title in the 1000 m at the Olympic Games in Nagano in 1998 this Department during the 2006 Winter Olympics, to win again. In Vancouver, where the Olympic Games of 2010 was held on Canadian Christine Nesbitt won gold. Silver and bronze were won by Annette Gerritsen and Laurine van Riessen.
Ireen Wüst


Even during the skating season 2012-2013 and the start of the skating season 2013-2014, the Dutch women showed that at this distance, belong to the absolute world. As such, 1000 metres are classified fairly high performance matrix obtained from the Dutch League. The number of one of the 1,000 metres at the Olympic Qualifier will be placed in fourth place. Number two in October will be assigned to eighth. As a result, the number one and two of the women’s 1000 metres at the Olympic Qualifying Tournament assured participation in the Olympic Games. The numbers three and four, of the 1,000 meters for women in October, still afraid of their position. The numbers three and four are not entered in the 14th and 16th performance matrix. It is mostly the number four in October a large chance that they must refrain from the ticket to someone who has posted on several routes.

Favorites 1000 m women

Ireen Wüst and Lotte van Beek during the World Cup in Salt Lake City and Calgary both show that they belong on the stage. Both made the riders through this at the time to improve the Dutch record. Marrit Leenstra was sick for the first two World Cup events, but showed in Berlin that she begins to get in shape. Ireen Wüst, Lotte van Beek and Marrit Leenstra seem to be favorites for the three first places in October
It is difficult to predict which women will occupy the fourth position. Margot Boer and Jorien ter Mors, would both have to be here to stand but also Laurine van Riessen as no other surprises.

Lottery 1000 m women in the Olympic qualifying tournament

Result 1000 metres women’s Olympic qualifiers