So Is Fintonic, The Application of Control of Costs Awarded by Google

4 November Google announced the winners of the awards Start Ups innovation mobile 2015. In the category of finance was Fintonic who was more innovative.

Fintonic is an application that helps us manage our accounts, and money entering and leaving them. Knowing in what easily can be vital when it comes to… save or spend smarter. You may not need it, or can you still not know.

The awards Start Ups Mobile Innovation 2015

Besides Fintonic, there were other three award-winning Spanish applications last week selected from among 15 nominees:

  • Glovo, an application of which we have already spoken to do, basically, you run errands in Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia. They carry objects from one point to another in the city. As a messaging (super) express. The prize was the retail sector.
  • Lazzus, a guide for visually impaired who says what in the direction where the phone is targeted. “At 10, 45 metres, is the bakery”, would be one of the messages of this guide. The prize to the start up more disruptive.
  • Stay, an application to make hotels and guests to communicate easily. If for example, the hotel offers tennis court, you can book it through this application. Or you can also ask to bring you champagne room. The award took the travel sector.

Fintonic, what does

Goodbye to those times when decipher receipts and tickets: take control of your spending

I am Fintonic user from a few months ago, and the feeling is that now do so yea my money. I control the money that I have and that expenditure, and more importantly: in what spending. When I try to explain the service to people, the answer becomes almost standard. “And that, is it safe?”, I say. First a little squeals that give our accounts of the banks to a service that we do not know.

But really at Fintonic we give you permission, say, ‘ read-only’. You can not operate without our electronic signature. Is simply a database that puts your moves in pretty graphs to make you easier (or simply) understand what the hell happened to your money this month.

It is quite flexible. We can introduce bills of several entities, and tell you which accounts want to take into account and which we do not want to see. So, forget the account of cost sharing of the floor that you ruin your balance and makes you think that you have some money that you don’t have.

Quickly detect if you’ve spent more and what to fix you a target of spending more realistic and see if you can afford (or not) that whim.

But the part more useful are the monthly balance sheets and automatic expenditure categorization as they come. With Fintonic we can quickly detect if we spent more, and what, in order to look more realistic spending targets and see if we can afford this month (or if not) this caprice.

It is not so much spending less, but do it with good conscience that we can do this. And of course, we can set a password to the application for each time we open it. Uses 256-bit encryption, so your data security (and only your data, since the service is not able to operate) must not endanger.

Fintonic do not sell your data to third parties. Either you charged for using the application. Then, how do you box? Basically show you advertising custom between his show up. By when you arrive the car insurance receipts, they’ll know that you have to renew it, and how much you pay for it.

What alternatives are there?

  • Mint is the application of this rate with more fame, with more than 20 million users, although it is still only available for use in the United States and Canada.
  • Mooverang is also free, though he has an option for 2.99 euros a month that promises to save up to 2,000 euros with a plan of personalized spending tips. Here include energy, telephone rates or even notices where it comes better refuel.