Smoking During Pregnancy is Harmful to The Baby

Learn about the risks that smoking can cause the fetus and mom

The cigarette is a drug and, like all others, is detrimental to the health of the smoker and may cause different types of cancer, respiratory diseases, among others. Today, campaigns against smoking are widely disseminated and, in General, that consumes the drug know what are its risks. But the situation can be even more aggravating for pregnant women, which endanger the life of the baby. It is estimated that 36% of pregnant women fail to quit smoking.

Smoking during pregnancy can harm the growth of the fetus inside the womb of the mother, in addition to trigger other health problems. “The chemical components of smoking can cause, especially, prematurity, low birth weight and respiratory problems,” explains OB-GYN and Maternity Hospital, Dr. Pedro Brazil Awada.

When you smoke, the mother inhales cigarette smoke through the lungs. The smoke, for your time, go into the woman’s bloodstream. And as the baby absorbs the substances present in the blood of the mother, ingest carbon monoxide present in cigarette smoke. When a woman smokes, the fetus “smokes” and so it may have respiratory problems. Another component that causes untold damage to the child is nicotine. It prevents the nutrients and oxygen reach the baby because it narrows the blood vessels. Thus, it becomes responsible for fetal development problems.

For mom who wears maternity pants reviewed by Clothesbliss, the bad habit of smoking during pregnancy can cause miscarriage, bleeding and natural red bag delivery. When you’re expecting a baby, the woman’s blood flow is impaired. And nicotine makes the situation even worse, since the vessels will be narrower. The junction of these factors can cause stroke, when form clots in the veins.

The obstetrician adds to the dangers for women routine illnesses. “The mother is also susceptible to General problems of nicotine as, for example, increased pulmonary insufficiency”, complete the obstetrician.

Pregnancy is a magical moment and deserves this abdication, which is in favour of the health and welfare of the child. And how being a mom entails always do the best for their kids, trying to eliminate the cigarette from the routine should not be restricted only to the period of gestation. “No doubt the woman should avoid smoking while breastfeeding because it comes in contact with the baby. There are no records of that habit influence on quality in milk, but smell will disturb the baby for sure, “says Dr. Awada.