Smart Watch from LG

The LG G Watch is already known to the public a few weeks ago, but actually knowledge about the device was smaller – there were only a handful of images of the smart clock. For those who were enthusiastic about the device, now there is much more to know.

In anticipation of the release that will happen until June, LG has revealed a few more details about the equipment. G Watch will be available in two colors, white and black, and champagne will be resistant to water and dust. “Use it in activities out of doors in tough conditions,” says LG about the Android Wear.

The South Korean technology also says the clock display will always be connected, that the check can be a bad option due to the battery consumption.

The Asian company also gives emphasis to Wear operating system from Google, highlighting the fact that the equipment work around the voice Assistant Now.

Information about specifications continue to be scarce, but Google’s partners in the project Wear have focused more on equipment design and capabilities of the same than on the number of processor cores. Both the G Watch as the 360 doesn’t even feature cameras.

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