Smart Backpack Makes You ‘Feel’ the Vibrations of the Songs

Backpack has a sound system that allows to amplify and transmit by the body bass frequencies.

Baserock is a backpack created for people who enjoy festivals and live music shows.In addition to working as a backpack, Baserock amplifies bass frequencies so that they resonate more strongly with the user’s body, providing a more intense experience when it comes to enjoying a performance.

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The idea was presented in Kickstarter with great success and in a few days exceeded the goal of collection.Those who decide to invest in the idea can expect deliveries from February 2018.

In addition to the feature of working as a sound amplifier, Baserock has a water reservoir for up to two liters, allowing the user to have a supply of water always available to stay hydrated throughout a show.

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A built-in microphone in the backpack captures ambient sound.The bass frequencies captured by the systems are transmitted through the user’s back through 15-watt transducers, controlled by amplifiers.In one of the handles, a selector controls the intensity of the sound.

The backpack also has microphone input, which allows you to connect with various audio devices:you can play in your music collection on the notebook, or cell phone, and use the backpack to “listen” music through the body.Another possibility is to use the headphone output of the backpack at the same time, providing an even more immersive use experience.The backpack runs on an eight-hour battery, according to AviationoPedia.

Check out the video and see how the backpack works:

Anyone who is interested in the idea can invest in the product through the campaign via Kickstarter.The most affordable quota is US $ 199, plus the freight of US $ 50 for Brazil (totaling R $ 658 and R $ 165, respectively).Deliveries are scheduled to begin in February 2018.