Sleeping Bag Review-Cheetah

The Tactical Ultralight sleeping bag the Cheetah is a product intended for campers who perform activities in places with an average minimum temperature to 5° C.

According to your manufacturer lightweight and compact.

The product is as advertised advantages: thermal comfort temperature of +5° C to +15° C, has size of open 220x80x50cm and 36x18cm inside the bag and lining synthetic material aims to increase the sense of well-being to the user.

    The test

The Tactical Ultralight sleeping bag the Cheetah was tested in places with different climates.

Has been tested in the region near Araxá in Minas Gerais State, in a Wild camping in

Serra da Mantiqueira in São Paulo, and in a shelter of climbers in Lagoa Santa, Minas Gerais.

The tests were carried out using thermal insulator in the tent and above the beds.

The thermal insulator used was a common model and regularly used by campers.

Was not used any additional product to the sleeping bag as a duvet or blankets.

Coincidentally during some of the tests occurred rainfall (including entering water inside the tent), which caused considerable temperature range, enabling the test of comfort both with the zipper open, as closed.

The product has been tested in situations of use for which it was designed.

The sleeping bag was loaded in backpacking in hiking on steep hills with about 30 min until the location of the camping.


Thermal Comfort.

Resistant to moisture.

Fast drying


Low compressibility.

Absence of compressors.


Quality of Material: 3 ★★★★★

Finish: 3.5 ★★★★★

Design: 3.5 ★★★★★

Ergonomics: 3.5 ★★★★★

Ease of cleaning: 4.0 ★★★★★

Weight x volume: 3.5 ★★★★★

Cost x benefit: 3.0 ★★★★★

Final grade: 3, 35 ★★★★★


sacoGuepardo2The Tactical Ultralight sleeping bag the Cheetah had a positive assessment in your use.

Despite having cumbersome size and weight (and should be reevaluated by your manufacturer), had good income at night when the temperature had sharp decline.

In one of the nights of the test product is over watering by water that entered the tent but dried quickly, what can be considered an important point.

The sharp volume of your lining despite contributing to the excessive weight contributed to a greater sense of warmth and comfort.

Is a product recommended for campers sporadically, and in places where the temperatures stay close to 7 C (Reserving 3 C for security), can be used in hostels and mountain huts.

Is not a product indicated for high mountaintours, trips to Patagonia or treks where the temperature can always be below 5° C.

The product also is not indicated the long-distance treks which require camping on your route.

It was assessed in the tests is the sleeping bag ideal for those who enjoy camping on Beach regions of Brazil, or in regions of rivers and hot weather.