Skinny Jeans: How to Use


We already know that jeans are super trend these days, are not they? The denim has never been loved as in recent seasons fashion.

Skinny Jeans: How to Use

Lovers of the play today can use and abuse the comfort and practicality of jeans. One of the models that stand out most is the skinny jeans and today we will leave here 5 tips of incredible looks to wear at any occasion, let’s check?

5 Ways To Wear Skinny Jeans

The skinny jeans are practical, democratic and beyond comfortable. One of the main characteristics of the piece is to value and highlight the curves of the woman, so if this is what you are looking for, you can bet hard on the model, see:

1-Skinny Jeans + Regata+Vest

Here we create a casual look to be worn during the day and sweep in style.

Choose one skinny jeans with lighter and light wash destroyed, a race to print in black color, a bootie or Oxford short black pipe and finish with a compridinho vest in gray.

2-Skinny Jeans+Shirt+Blazer

This is a great office look, chic and super comfortable.

Choose a basic, light-washed skinny jeans, a basic black tank top, an open jeans shirt, a black sneaker, and finish with a black blazer also open. Let the light jeans shirt detail.

3-Skinny Jeans+Peep Toe

If you love jumping this is the ideal look to wear during the outings at the mall with elegance in measure.

Choose a skinny jeans with a very dark wash, a lightly flowery peplum blouse with shades of pink and red and finish with a pink peep toe heel.

4-Skinny Jeans+Jeans Vest

This is a super modern look that you can wear at the ballad or to go out at night with friends.

Choose a dark-washed jeans, black ankle boot, a black and long-sleeved leather blouse, and a hip-length jeans vest.

The skinny jeans is with everything and best of all is that you can bet on the piece for any occasion, just drop your creativity and embark on this trend.